Cole Sprouse’s Best Haircuts

From being just another boy Disney Chanel went on to become a favorite character of the series Riverdale (2017), today Cole Sprouse He is one of the faces most sought after by the international celebrity spotlight. The reason, we do not know for sure, may be because of his roles in the series, his past as a child star or his enigmatic halo of having a soulmate – literally – he has an identical brother: Dylan Sprouse, who is also actor.

What concerns us is not only to recognize the histrionic making of Cole Sprouse, but also focus on your good style, especially in his hair. If something has made us very clear, the person in charge of image design of the characters of Riverdale is his expertise by playing and transforming the color into the fur of the men protagonists of the series. We all left with the feint that KJ Apa He was a natural redhead, and we have to confess that Cole We could easily believe that her original hair tone is deep black.

We select the 5 best hair styles from Cole SprouseIn addition, we tell you the ideal situation to carry each one of them.

For the day to day

Both classic and trending styles go well with Cole Sprouse

© Kevin Mazur

If what you are looking for is a hair style that works for the newspaper this option is correct. Cole Sprouse She wears a classic side parted haircut with volume on top. Gradients in the hair or fade, how much they are in fashion, they do not apply in this option. The objective here is to bring the hair to the same length, both on the sides and on the top. A practical and simple cut that will not take more than five minutes to style.

For the summer holidays

Wear hair messy it is a timeless trend.

© Frazer Harrison

We know it, just like you, we are all counting down and hoping to vacation in the summer. Looking for the perfect look? Well as for fur we have the answer. It’s literally the same haircut than the previous one, only that instead of styling with a comb, wax and dryer, here you only have to pass your fingers to get that look funky to Cole Sprouse.

To party

The elephant trunk It is a classic hair style from the 50s.

© Phillip Faraone

It is hair style was consolidated in the 1950s as elephant trunk, It consisted of combing and bringing the pompadour to the front in the shape of a tube or an elephant’s trunk, hence the name. Currently, Cole Sprouse brings it back, and the best chance to wear this atypical style It’s when you go out to party. A look that will leave you ready to party like in the classic rock and roll era.

To go to a formal wedding

A look that brings formality and style to the actor

© He was subdued

There are two types of weddings: the casual ones, those that are celebrated during the day in gardens, and the formal ones, those at night in closed spaces or lounges, where glamor will never be in excess. If the type of wedding you have is like the second, wear a hair style how do you do it here Cole Sprouse will be the winning bet. It is a formal, classic and discreet cut that will also make you look elegant, perfect to meet the dress code black tie.

To go to a casual wedding

This hair style is ideal for formal weddings

© Neilson Barnard

On the other hand, going to a casual wedding does not mean that you will not invest in the neatness of your image. We consider opting for a look the timeless hair and classic like the one we see here with Cole Sprouse It is an option that does not have to lose. Regardless of whether you wear a guayabera, a linen shirt or another basic for garden weddings, this hair style always applies.

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Cole Sprouse’s Best Haircuts