Did you like ‘Greenland: The Last Refuge’? Tonight on La 1 de TVE: ‘The Perfect Storm’ with George Clooney – Movie News

If you are a lover of disaster movies, this Friday, October 23, starting at 10:10 p.m., you have on television the film by Wolfgang Petersen (‘Troy’) about a veteran fisherman against a terrible storm.

Have you been to the movies recently and liked the disaster movie Greenland: The Last Haven, starring Gerard Butler? If so, You cannot miss tonight on Friday, October 23, on La 1 de TVE, starting at 10:10 p.m., The perfect Storm. It is a film directed by Wolfgang Petersen, director of Troy and Air Force One, in which George Clooney (Midnight Sky) plays a veteran fisherman facing a terrible storm.

After The Night of Broken Glass (1991), In the Line of Fire (1993), Outbreak (1995) and Air Force One (1997), the German filmmaker Wolfgang Petersen premiered in 2000 this The perfect Storm. Scripted by William D. Wittliff (Legends of Passion) and a book by Sebastian Junger as original source, the production is set in the early 90’s in the Port of Gloucester, Massachusetts, once the most prosperous in America for four centuries.

‘Greenland: The Last Shelter’ with Gerard Butler and 10 other disaster movies to enjoy with the family (without going through danger)

Times are getting harder and Billy Tyne (Clooney), captain of the commercial vessel Andrea Gail, convinces his men to venture into the Flemish Cap area, located beyond their usual fishing spot.. They are lucky, but their ice machine breaks down and, improvising, they bet on getting back to land as quickly as possible. The bad news is that Between them and Gloucester there’s a hell of a storm and a hurricane. A fight between man and the elements is served. They only have to resort to their skill as sailors to try to survive.

Haven’t you seen ‘Greenland: The Last Shelter’?

With a budget of 140 million dollars and more than 328 million at the box office worldwide, the film not only has the leading role of Clooney, since he is accompanied by Mark Wahlberg (Uncharted), John C. Reilly (The Sisters Brothers), Diane Lane (Under the Tuscan Sun), William Fichtner (Crash), John Hawkes (Three advertisements on the outskirts), Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (Abyss), Cherry Jones (The forest) y Michael Ironside (Total challenge), among others.

At the beginning of this news, we were talking to you about Greenland: The Last Refuge. AND this one, although it is also a disaster, has another type of hero. Responds to the name of John Garrity (Gerard Butler) And it is a man who regrets cheating on his wife Allison (Morena Baccarin) and who tries how he can rebuild his family, formed by her and her young son Nathan (Roger Dale Floyd). What he does not suspect at any time is that a comet described as a “planet destroyer”, the Clarke, will endanger Earth and he will have to risk everything for everything to get to some bunkers in Greenland, where they are supposed to be safe.

Not sure whether to choose The perfect Storm on television or Greenland: The Last Refuge in theaters? So that you are fully informed, above you have the trailer of the first and here below that of the second.

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Did you like ‘Greenland: The Last Refuge’? Tonight on La 1 de TVE: ‘The Perfect Storm’ with George Clooney – Movie News