Diego Luna: “We are capable of much more, here comes a second chance” | The USA Newspaper

Mexican actor Diego Luna collects the Platinum Award of Honor. EFE / Victor Lerena

Madrid, (EFE) .- Diego Luna thanked the Ibero-American Film and Audiovisual Platinum Award of Honor with the most inclusive and hopeful speech of the night: “Thank you very much to everyone,” he said, before encouraging the attendees: “We are capable of much more and here comes a second chance, everything will be fine ”.

The Mexican actor, director and producer received his statuette from the president of EGEDA, Enrique Cerezo, who said of him that he is “an all-rounder of audiovisuals” and because it combines the factors that define the Ibero-American audiovisual industry: talent, creativity, professionalism, work and solidarity ”.

“We are all very proud of you, and we assume your mother is too,” Cerezo joked, playing with the title of one of his most famous films, before handing her the stylized image of the Platinum goddess.

“Oh, bastards, what a chingona party,” said an excited Luna when he was hugged for several minutes by the applause of the public attending the eighth edition of the Platinum Awards tonight.

Luna (Mexico City, 1979) was ironic with the award – “I felt like they wanted to withdraw me, I hope that is not the case, this begins,” he said, before assuring that, for him, it is “a commitment to what remains to be done ”.

The actor decided to read his speech, now that he doesn’t need glasses yet, he joked, although his speech was serious and engaged.

“Today,” he said, “we can meet in this beautiful city, take back the public space, celebrate our work, stand on a stage: it seems like a dream, but it is happening and I will remember it forever, I will forever treasure this moment.”

“The pandemic brought us the certainty of an imminent responsibility, we cannot return to the same, it would be a shame to return to where we were and almost a collective suicide. Our relationship with this land that we have destroyed in the name of progress and development. We have to live with more empathy and curiosity for a responsibility that touches the most intimate of us ”.

A responsibility that, according to the artist, should lead us “to change our behavior in the public arena and I say this because we are part of a community that must set an example.”

“We have to achieve that the distances between our industries are shortened, we have to think as a block, because the dominant global narratives end up delimiting our dreams and desires. Don’t let it happen, ”Luna said.

And so, he added, “all, all, all tell us our stories. Nobody better than us to talk about our context, let’s own our narrative, and let’s not emulate what other industries and other markets have done. Let’s invent ours, let’s trust our talent because the audiences and we here deserve it ”.

I deeply appreciate being part of this community, I live with great pride what we have achieved, but we still have a long way to go (…) We are capable of much more and here comes a second chance ”, concluded Luna, again applauded by the public attending the gala.

It is the second statuette that the Mexican treasures, since in the sixth edition he won Platinum for best male television series performance for his participation in “Narcos: Mexico”, although he could not go to pick it up other than the face-to-face gala that took place at the Riviera Maya of the Mexican Caribbean.

Luna, who has participated in such outstanding productions as “And your mother too”, “The terminal”, “A rainy day in New York” and others such as “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” or “Narcos: Mexico”, He has also worked as a director and producer, always betting on new Latin American talent, often with his friend Gael García Bernal.

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Diego Luna: “We are capable of much more, here comes a second chance” | The USA Newspaper