Dr. Brain: the brutal series from the creators of Parasite that you must see on Apple TV +

Dr. Brain is the new project of Kim Jee-woon, the visionary and macabre director of I Saw the Devil y A Tale of Two Sisters, and the creators of Parasite, and it is one of the most amazing series premiered in Apple Tv+ in November.

The series is based on Hongjacga, which is a popular webtoon in Korea, and it is the first Korean production of the platform, which adds the South Korean series boom What Squid Game y Alice in Borderland, which have shown that the country is making the best thrillers and disturbing stories of the moment.

The series, which has been described as mind bending, will have 6 chapters where drama is combined with science fiction and some horror, telling the story of a group of scientists who find a way to “hack” the brain of people with a new technology that has the potential to change to the world, but it is also very dangerous.

When it premieres?

Dr. Brain will be available exclusively at Apple TV+ on November 4 of this year, adding to productions such as Invasion and Foundation (based on the books by Isaac Asimov), which are from the best sci-fi series of the year (if you like me Dune, you have to see them).

The trailer

The trailer for the series lets us see a bit of the futuristic technology at the center of the story, connected to a boy who experts consider “a different kind of genius”, a visionary doctor and a dead man who took a dark secret to the grave, though not for long.

The series also seeks to balance fiction with reality, which allows its proposal to be realistic and possible (think about Eternal Sunshine Of the Spotless Mind, but with a much scarier and more tense twist), at least from what we can see in the trailer.

What is Dr. Brain about?

According to the synopsis: When Lee Se-Won (Lee Sun-Kyun) was a boy, his mother died in a hit-and-run accident. He subsequently decided to become a brain scientist. He is a genius and remembers everything he sees. 20 years after the death of his mother, Lee Se-Won has become a famous scientist with a doctorate in the field of brain sciences. One day, a mysterious person contacts him and asks him to extract information from the brain of a man who committed suicide. Lee Se-Won is interested and accepts the proposal. He tries to extract information from the brain of the dead man, but fails. A couple of days later, he behaves differently and sees things differently. Lee Se-Won investigate the case of the dead man.

The synopsis reminds us a bit of the movie The cell (yes, Jennifer Lopez’s), where a psychiatrist used a technology that allowed her to get inside the minds of her patients to help them deal with trauma and other situations, although the series is separated from that with its own twists and a disturbing incident .

This series undoubtedly seeks to twist your mind and take you to the limit of what you think is possible, with a story that has a lot of thriller and crime among its most innovative elements.

The cast

In addition to having the director of great horror films (who writes and directs the story), Dr. Brain stars Lee Sun-kyun, known for his supporting role in the Oscar-winning film “Parasite, as well as Lee You-young, Park Hee-soon, Seo Ji-hye y LEE Jae-won.

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Dr. Brain: the brutal series from the creators of Parasite that you must see on Apple TV +

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