Drew Barrymore dusts off the ghosts of the past and his time in a mental hospital

It is well known that Drew Barrymore’s childhood was by no means easy. At the age of two he was already working as a model and at seven he rose to fame after his participation in the film ET the alien. But the thing did not stop there. As the newspaper points out The Guardian, the actress began to consume alcohol when she was only 11 years old, with 12 she began to consume substances and at 13 he had completely lost control of his life.


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The instability of her home did not help her either. SHis father, actor John Drew Barrymore, was a violent man and alcoholic and sHis mother, Jaid, who was also his manager, was still too young for so much responsibility and that she wanted to be her friend instead of her mother, so the actress she always had the thought that she would end up dying young, specifically and as she herself confessed, “at 25 years old”. However, despite all the problems he had to face, Drew’s strength would end up winning the battle, although the road was not easy and left some difficult marks to erase.

He left home when he was 14 years old and, even though he was not 25 years old, he had been divorced twice. Hollywood repudiated her, her excesses were well known and the scripts did not knock on her door. However, one day all that changed and now, at 46 years old on February 22, the actress has managed to reinvent herself, she is the mother of two daughters and has regained the confidence of the mecca of cinema. But despite all this, Drew does not forget her past and recently during her participation in the SiriusXM program ‘The Howard Stern Show’, the actress he looked back to recall some of the harshest and most cruel chapters of his life, the one in which her mother admitted her to a psychiatric hospital when she was only 13 years old.


“I had problems and too many resources,” the actress began by explaining. “I went to nightclubs, skipped school and sometimes stole my mother’s car … it was out of control” admitted Drew, who even tried to kill himself. For this reason her mother decided to admit her to a specialized center in patients with addictions and serious psychiatric disorders. “I was in a place called Van Nuys Psychiatric for a year and a half. You couldn’t waste time there, if you did they would transfer you to a padded room or hold you on a stretcher “ Drew confessed to radio host Howard Stern, who responded to the actress saying: “Don’t you think that if your mother had been more prepared and just sat down to talk to you to find out what was wrong with you, all that would have been avoided? ” “I think he created a monster and did not know what to do with the monster “, Barrymore replied. “This was her last cartridge, I was out of control, and I forgive her for making this decision. You probably felt you had nowhere to turn. I’m sure he lived with a lot of guilt for years for creating that monster, but then I think he lived with a lot of pain because I didn’t speak to him for a long time.


“Are you currently in communication with your mother?” asked the host of the program. “Yes, we have texted each other this morning. I am very happy that we have found a solution, we have spent our whole lives trying to solve things ”admitted the actress. “I have much more empathy with her now. I am 46 years old and I am the mother of two girls”continued the actress from Charlie’s Angels. “It is difficult and I raise my daughters in a much more traditional and protective way. It is a great antithesis of my education. “

Drew, who confesses that he has spent more than “30 years in therapy” has explained that the center where she was interned had nothing to do with the current. “I used to laugh at those places in Malibu where celebrities spend 30 days in hospital and it looks like it’s a spa vacation. Mine was clearly a psychiatric center ”.

Despite the harshness of her experience, the actress ended up confessing: “It was the best thing that happened to me, in a sick way, because it chilled me.”

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Drew Barrymore dusts off the ghosts of the past and his time in a mental hospital