Elon Musk and Donald Trump: the millionaire sums they get every minute

It is not a secret for anyone that there is a small group of people who, due to their investments and successful projects, manage to increase the amount of their assets in a matter of minutes.

Personalities like Elonk Musk and Donald Trump They have achieved figures that seem insurmountable and are positioned on the list of the wealthiest people in the world.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk, co-founder of Tesla and Space X.


Frederic J. BROWN. AFP

According to a report from ‘Forbes’, Musk the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX became the richest person in the world with an amount of 304.1 million dollars.

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In fact, he has a fortune that doubles that of tycoons like Bill Gates (136 billion) and Mark Zuckerberg (123 billion).

In addition, it is above the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of its native country (South Africa) whose value in 2020 was 301 billion dollars, according to figures from the World Bank.

Musk’s growth is due, in large part, to the success of his company Space X, not in vain, “the billionaire’s rocket company, is valued at 74,000 million dollars after its last round of financing in February 2021” , reported the aforementioned medium.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump in Texas.


Brandon Bell/Getty Images/AFP

Donald Trump He was president of the United States for a period of four years. The former president of the North American country was in power from 2017 to 2021.

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Not only did Trump receive income from his position, but he has excelled as an entrepreneur and investor. Although, for the first time, he does not stand out among the 400 richest in the United States, he is still an important entrepreneur.

“Most of his fortune remains tied to real estate in New York City,” reported ‘Forbes’.

According to a recent report from the aforementioned media, the net worth of this Trump’s assets is 2.5 trillion dollars.

How much do these two men earn per second?

The site ‘Elonk Musk Earning Calculator’ is capable of generating the sums and figures that large billionaires they get minute by minute.

The calculator was created in the UK.

According to this portal, the tycoon Elonk Musk earns approximately $ 22,000 per minute. That is, more than 85 million Colombian pesos.

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Therefore, if the corresponding operation is carried out, the CEO of Tesla increases his equity with an amount of approximately 360 dollars per second (1.4 million Colombian pesos).

By contrast, Donald Trump earns approximately $ 1,000 per minute (3 million Colombian pesos). So he earns 16 dollars per second, which is equivalent to 62 thousand Colombian pesos.

The stock market is constantly changing every day, so these figures remain as of November 22, 2021, according to the movements of businessmen.

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Elon Musk and Donald Trump: the millionaire sums they get every minute

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