Esquire November: Eddie Redmayne, a must-have


The actor Eddie Redmayne, who just premiered on Netflix the latest Aaron Sorkin movie The Chicago 7 trial, makes a necessary, fundamental, indispensable claim, applicable to any moment in history, but especially important in these moments that we are having to live, during his conversation with Esquire: “It is important to believe in something to fight for. There must be hope. “. Although he is not the type of artist who reflects on his career (we give him a zero in nostalgia), he recognizes that all his characters have one point in common: they are willing to give everything for his cause. Until the last consequences. From Tom Hayden in Sorkin’s political drama to Newt Scamander (in the Fantastic Animals), passing through Marius (The Miserables) y Stephen Hawking (The theory of everything) y Einar Wegener (The danish girl), they all share the nobility of the hero and heroine who fight for what they believe to be fair. At any other time, perhaps his words would not have resonated so much, but given that this month we presented our awards to the Man of the Year 2020, they have not gone unnoticed. This year, due to the very special situation we live in, we wanted to stand out and give our awards to anonymous people who have meant themselves during the pandemic. They all have one thing in common: they have given us hope. From a music group born on a terrace that invented some confination songs to the general practitioner of a health center who took to social media to show a patient that he was not alone.

In this issue we have also had time to talk with the Mexican film director Manolo Caro, with the singer and model Carla Bruni, with the youtuber Dani Clos, with the actor Jack Dylan Grazer, with the writer JJ Benítez, and with the illustrator Paco Roca, among others. We have stopped, a year after his death, to dive in the last interview with Camilo Sesto. But above all we have enjoyed each and every one of the interviews with our Men of the Year 2020. They have given us life lessons, but above all, they have given us hope.

Esquire’s November issue is accompanied by The Big Watch Book, a review of all the essential watches for an Esquire man, with analysis, interviews (we spent 14,000 seconds with Benedict Cumberbatch) and reports that demonstrate our passion, ticking, ticking, for the instrument to measure time or to indicate the time of day, an unmistakable sign of style.

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The last interview of Camilo Sesto


Carla Bruni has always been there


Dani Clos, the goat


Eddie Redmayne, zero in nostalgia


Jack Dylan Grazer is who he is


JJ Benítez is ready to die


Johannes Huebl, dress well without lifting a finger


The best watches of the year, Esquire Style

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Esquire November: Eddie Redmayne, a must-have