Everyone talks about the spiderverse, but what did Tobey Maguire do since Spider-Man? | Spoiler

Spider-Man: No Way Home has all the followers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe excited about the possibility of the return of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as their respective versions of the arachnid. This reunion of Spideys is known throughout the world as the spiderverse and is the reason for an impressive hype among the fandom of the MCU. Meanwhile we ask ourselves: What did Tobey Maguire do in his career since Spider-Man?

Upon completion of the Hero Trilogy, directed by Sam Raimi, the actor struggled to land leading roles in Hollywood. He had participations in Tropic Thunder and Brothers. Regrettably, Tobey he developed a gambling addiction that brought him many headaches. In the world of Poker, the performer was known as “A dirty player, with big profits and a very bad loser.”

Tobey Maguire’s career after Spider-Man

His addiction to cards was so great that it led him to have problems with the FBI that forced him to pay debts in the amount of $ 80,000 to the players he had affected during his activity. In addition, many people were scammed in that context by Maguire’s accountant, and it was the actor who had to respond financially for that situation.

Tobey He also had a short career as a producer in which his films such as Country Strong, starring Gwyneth Paltrow; Rock of Ages, a musical with Tom Cruise and the ambitious science fiction story that tells how aliens come to Earth to destroy humanity, The Fifth Wave, starring Chloë Grace Moretz.

Tobey with his great friend: Leo DiCaprio. Photo: IMDb.

In 2013 he starred The Great Gatsby next to Leonardo Dicaprio, whom he met in his days as a player, and who was in charge of recommending him to participate in that film. The performance of Tobey it was applauded by critics and the film was successful, but it would fail to return the actor to the big leagues. He also lent his voice for a popular project with a great cast that this year will premiere its second part: Boss Baby. Will we see it in the imminent Spider-Man: No Way Home?

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Everyone talks about the spiderverse, but what did Tobey Maguire do since Spider-Man? | Spoiler