“Facebook never asked me to remove posts”: Kevin Sorbo denies the social network’s claim | Censorship | Kevin Sorbo | COVID-19

Actor Kevin Sorbo, famous for starring in the fantasy television series “Hercules, Legendary Journeys,” is considering legal action against Facebook after the tech giant took down his page twice.

Sorbo had amassed some 550,000 followers to his Facebook page, who, according to the actor, help him book talks and other performances.

“These guys are taking my livelihood from me,” he told The Epoch Times on February 17, defending his posts.

Sorbo said his troubles on Facebook started after he started posting about the masks and questioning the government’s COVID-19 restrictions.

In some of his posts, he expressed concern that big box stores like Target and Costco are considered essential during closings, but not “family” stores. Regarding other posts, he indicated that he had republished information about COVID based on what some doctors were saying, while questioning how the policies could be affecting the younger generation.

“I am not denying that COVID exists. I do not deny that it is contagious, “he declared. “But (…) I have heard that between 99.4 and 99.7 percent of the people who get it survive, you know. We are making five- and seven-year-olds go around with masks. For me, that is child abuse. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that children over the age of two wear masks.

“So I started asking more and more questions and posting what the doctors were saying about it,” Sorbo said.

Shortly after, Facebook contacted him to say that it would restrict his posts. “We are going to leave you in the shade now,” was the message he received from the tech giant.

“Then all of a sudden last week they took me away, they just took the page from me and without any explanation, without any other warning, nothing at all,” he added, noting that a second page that started after the initial ban has just been removed on February 16.

Image of the illuminated sign of the Facebook company. EFE / Mauritz Antin / Archive

Sorbo said he only learned from Facebook why his accounts had been deleted after a spokesperson gave a statement to Fox News, in response to the news outlet’s article about his removal from the platform.

“We removed Kevin Sorbo’s page for repeatedly sharing discredited claims about the coronavirus or vaccines,” the statement stated to Fox News.

The spokesperson also told Fox that it had notified Sorbo’s account twice to say it had 48 hours to remove posts that Facebook believed promoted alleged disinformation, per its policy. They pointed out that they had removed the Sorbo page because there had been no action. It is unclear which Sorbo posts violated Facebook policies.

Sorbo denied Facebook’s version of the situation. Liars, what a surprise. Facebook never asked me to remove the COVID posts they talk about. If they had, I would have reluctantly removed the posts. “

He also said that he made several attempts to ask Facebook for clarity about his decision to remove his page, but received no response.

“They can say what they want. That’s the problem”.

Facebook did not immediately respond to The Epoch’s request for comment.

The “Hercules” actor indicated that he would love to return to Facebook just to tell his followers to search for him through platforms such as CloudHub, Parler or his website.

Sorbo also expressed to The Epoch Times his concern that the debate on important health issues, such as the mandatory use of masks, is being blocked by large technology companies in digital public squares while the government exercises so much control over the life of the people.

“This is fascism and Marxism at its finest, you know, really starting to move in America and around the world,” he said. “It amazes me that we allow these people to control our lives in this way.”

Sorbo also accused big tech platforms of having a leftist bias, citing his observations that social media accounts of people on the left are never sanctioned for “angry” or inappropriate comments.

“Why is it okay to keep the angry comments from the left?” Sorbo asked. “I mean, the hypocrisy is incredibly flagrant.”

As an example, he noted that Disney fired the “Mandalorian” actress, Gina Corano, for the postings she had made on the Internet. In turn Jack Morrissey, a co-producer of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”, was not banned by Twitter for writing “The MAGA children are screaming, hats go to the chipper first” in a post accompanied by an illustration that represents a gory scene from “Fargo” in which the body of a dead person is put into a chipper.

“It was something I didn’t think about. It was a fast and deeply stupid post, “Morrissey told The Wrap, apologizing (…) I’d throw my phone in the ocean before doing it again.”

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“Facebook never asked me to remove posts”: Kevin Sorbo denies the social network’s claim | Censorship | Kevin Sorbo | COVID-19