Fan Reaction To LeBron James Remaking Kid ‘N Play’s ‘House Party’

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  • Movie fans are not very happy to learn that LeBron James is remaking the classic 90s comedy House Party and are expressing their displeasure.
  • The rebooted film is set to star Jacob Latimore and Tosin Cole in the roles previously played by hip hop duo Kid ‘N Play.
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If you loved Space Jam: A New Legacy starring LeBron James then you will probably be very excited to learn that the NBA legend has now set his sights on remaking the classic 1990 comedy House Party. You will also, it would seem, be in the minority. On both counts.

Space Jam:A New Legacy, despite reportedly making a lot of money, was absolutely skewered by movie critics and fans. It was called everything from an “abomination” to “a bizarre piece of commercial propaganda.”

So many movie fans who have seen the original House Party movie starring the hip hop duo Kid ‘N Play, Christopher “Kid” Reid and Christopher “Play” Martin, are not exactly enamored with the idea of LeBron James getting his hands on a reboot of the comedy film.

These same movie fans were reminded of LeBron’s involvement this week when Rotimi, who is also set to appear in the House Party reboot, spoke with TMZ about the film’s plans.

According to Rotimi, not only is House Party getting remade, the Power star has already shot his scenes for the flick.

“It’s a fresh look, but it’s more of, same kind of storyline, obviously, and same elements, but different characters, whole different generation,” Rotimi told TMZ.

“We have a similar story line a bit, but it’s just new age,” he continued. “It’s a fresh spin on it for sure.

“We’re not playing the same Kid and Play but it’s like a new age version of them but not them, if that makes sense. It’s not their sons or anything like that.”

When asked about the inevitable comparisons between the upcoming House Party remake and the much maligned Space Jam sequel, both involving LeBron James, Rotini told TMZ, “I think the production has been great. It’s filled with a lot of hungry, young, new, rising star actors so everybody is trying to prove themselves, and we challenged each other on this, man.

“We knew that, like, creating a a generational movie like that and touching that legacy, we have to bring our A game so we didn’t take it lightly and it’s just super funny, you know? We were able to ad-lib a lot, you know? Our director Chuck was really amazing with that and we just had fun, man. And we just made it like today’s humor and it’s and it’s gonna be very, very special.”

That all sounds great, but once people were reminded that this House Party remake was actually happening, many of them were more than a little bit skeptical.

It will probably end up making over $100 million.