FIFA 22 Adds Then Removes Ryan Reynolds’ Wrexham AFC

FIFA 22 released a list of all the leagues and clubs that will be present in the game. While all the usual suspects are present, fans may have noticed one of the big teams not making the list. That’s right, I’m talking about none other than Wrexham AFC. The team is owned by Rob McElhenney from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and Ryan Reynolds.

Wrexham had become the first non-league team to be included in FIFA’s team lineup. That was probably in no small part thanks to its star owners. The National League club was included in the Rest of the World category along with the likes of Panathinaikos, Shakhtar Donetsk, and Spartak Moscow. However, soon after the list was put out, EA removed Wrexham without any comment.

While we can only speculate as to why EA decided to remove the team, it seems that there might have been some kind of flashy reveal starring McElhenney and/or Reynolds; the latter of who actually stays in Vancouver Canada, where FIFA 22 is being developed. While only time will tell what EA has planned, a representative of the company told Eurogamer that there’s “More information to come soon”.

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Who knows, perhaps we’ll see Deadpool and Mac team up to announce the inclusion of a team nobody ever heard of before they bought it. Or perhaps on a more related note, we might see Reynolds’ Free Guy character playing an NPC in the crowd during a football match.

However, if we were to see Deadpool, it would kind of make sense considering that people swear the most while playing FIFA according to a new study. Conducted by Buzz Bingo, the study shows that Rainbow Six Siege players swear most often, with FIFA 21 players coming in a close second place.

It involved studying 100 Twitch and YouTube gaming streams for the most popular games and newly released titles in August 2021. With 15 minutes per game, this resulted in 25 hours of Twitch streams and YouTube game broadcasts watched in order to record how often people were swearing. Call of Duty Warzone, Halo MCC, and GTA 5 were the next games on the list.

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