Film Review: WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING (2021): A Great New Horror Film For Pandemic Times

We Need To Do Something Review

We Need To Do Something (2021) Film Review, a movie directed by Sean King O’Grady and starring Sierra McCormick, vinessa Shaw, Pat Healy, Lisette Alexis, John James Cronin, Ozzy Osbourne, Logan Kearney and And John Miller.

We Need To Do Something is one of the best horror films ever made. It is appropriately being distributed by IFC Midnight which specializes in movies that are best seen late at night to achieve their ultimate impact. This new film is something that should be seen with an audience, if possible, because the thrills and roller coaster style suspense the movie showcases is best experienced with a crowd. Yet, if one sees it on a smaller screen with the lights dimmed, that person will also experience a great film. That’s because We Need To Do Something is superbly written and the direction by Sean King O’Grady is of the highest caliber thus creating a nail-biting suspense thriller with acting that is simply phenomenal as far as the five key players in the film are concerned. Though there are some parallels to the much adored Hereditary, thematically speaking, O’Grady’s picture far surpasses it and We Need To Do Something is the best horror film since the director of Hereditary‘s own Midsummer.


Sierra McCormick stars in the new film as a young woman named Melissa. She has been having a relationship with a girl named Amy (well played by Lisette Alexis) that is unveiled in flashback sequences throughout the film. The main action of the picture, however, takes place after a major storm has hit causing a tree to fall which blocks a family of four from getting out of their bathroom where they are trapped. Melissa is one of the two children in that family. The other child is her younger brother Bobby (John James Cronin). Their parents are Robert (Pat Healy in a showstopping performance) and Diane (Vinessa Shaw of Eyes Wide Shut) who seem to be having difficulty in their marriage that started even before they ended up being trapped together with their kids.

While the group is trapped in the bathroom, there is a poisonous snake that appears which causes the members of the family to be quite concerned. This is one killer snake with a deadly bite! While trying to escape it, the family also knows they need to eat something. They consider trying to kill and eat the snake but that would be like eating a bat someone in the family believes. Robert hilariously says that a snake is like a bat that doesn’t fly which is an idea that is definitive of his very offbeat personality. They escape the snake for the time being as they end up with another animal’s severed tongue in front of them (I won’t tell you how) and they actually consider eating the tongue! I won’t tell you if they eat it or not.

We also dive into the relationship between Melissa and Amy in flashback scenes that show the romance the two young women develop. But, as the plot goes on, we learn they were being stalked by a creepy young man and have gone to drastic measures to deal with him. In fact, there is witchcraft involved and we learn that Melissa may be partly responsible for the damage the storm has caused and for her entire family’s predicament.

When the snake makes a reappearance in the film, things get extremely intense as the characters have to deal with the fact that one of them gets bitten (I won’t tell you who). The movie plays out with sheer intensity as we get the full picture of how this situation has affected the family and the devastating consequences of Melissa’s involvement with Amy.

Vinessa Shaw has an absolutely outstanding scene where she talks to one of her children in a tense moment and tries to offer a glimmer of hope among the despair. Shaw is phenomenal here and the scene stands out for its emotion and intensity. Healy delivers the performance of a lifetime as the father who has lost his mind and is beyond deranged as he tries to escape the dire situation he finds himself in. Healy’s work is among the best I’ve ever seen in a picture like this and Shaw more than shines beside him as they play the quintessential dysfunctional husband and wife. When Healy’s character tries to force his son’s head through the door, it’s quite a freak out moment to see just how far this dad would go to get his freedom back.

As the young son, John James Cronin is fantastic as his character ends up meeting a drastic fate that will alter the family’s lives forever whether they survive or not. With her pink hair, McCormick shines as the film’s lead and we constantly question Melissa’s involvement with Amy and wonder just how far these two girls have gone with their venture into the unknown world of the supposedly supernatural.

Ozzy Osbourne’s scary voice turns up in a key scene and there are a lot of edge of your seat moments that make this horror picture one wild ride. The fact that the father talks about eating a bat reminds one of the whole way horrible viruses have started in the world and, in pandemic times, the idea of a family with nothing in common being stuck together rings more true than we want it to. Of course, this film goes way beyond the premise of simply being stuck in lock down, it’s about being in lock down with no food with people who can’t get along no matter how hard they try. The snake is just a catalyst for the plot to reach its ultimate conclusion.

We Need To Do Something is, quite simply, a terrifying horror film. When the end credits finally roll to the interesting song choice of “Puttin’ On the Ritz,” you’ll have been through not just a roller coaster of terror but a whole horrific theme park! This movie is a horror film fan’s delight.

Rating: 10/10

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