For short men: style tips from Hollywood short actors

The short men Hollywood players have the keys to making those who don’t look exactly like basketball players look as cool, elongated, and proportionate as possible, and even to appear taller than they really are.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a man shortBut, falling short of height has some downsides when it comes to fashion and style. Their clothes are almost always going to be too long and the children’s department is too small to try.

Height is not something we can controlWhat you can do is use clothing to create optical illusions and hide everything that makes us feel insecure, from weight to short stature (because no one wants to be mistaken for a child when they see him from behind).

One of the men’s problems short is that, for some strange reason, the world considers tall men more masculine, stronger and, from time to time, even more attractive (no problem when a short woman dates a tall man, but seeing a short man with tall woman still causes trouble for some), the good news is that celebrities like Humphprey Bogart, Donald Glover, James Dean, Tom Cruise, Dave Franco y Kanye West have shown time and again that height is not an obstacle (although their tall companions also do very well in the field of style), you simply have to learn to wear the type of body that touched you to look as imposing and slim as the who won the genetic lottery in the field of altitude.

For the short men, the tailor is indispensable (because the best jeans are the ones you wear that fit exactly to your measurements), and there are other style tricks (from men’s short men with more style) that you should always keep in mind (and there are some mistakes to avoid).

Humphrey Bogart – take EVERYTHING to the tailor

Bogart is one of the greatest icons of style and cinema of all time. The actor was not the shortest in Hollywood, but he was not tall either, and no one noticed because he knew perfectly well how to wear a suit.

The actor of Casablanca He always took care of the length of the sleeves of his jacket and pants, this to look more proportionate and sophisticated. This is not always possible when buying your suit in a store, but any details can be corrected by wearing your clothes with a tailor who adjusts them to your measurements.

Donald Glover – avoid clothing that is too loose

Donald Glover in suit

© Jamie McCarthy

Short men look better when they wear slightly tighter clothing (and we are not talking about skinny jeans). The pants should not form rolls of fabric at the bottom, the sleeves should not go past the wrists, your shirt should not look like a tent and you should not wear jackets that go past your knees, all of which makes you look shorter.

Dave Franco – don’t go overboard with accessories and avoid oversized

Alison Brie and Dave Franco

© Axelle / Bauer-Griffin

Clothes oversized It is, by definition, too big and that is not good for those who are not very tall, this because the details are going to look disproportionate or they will be in places where they should not be (such as a shirt pocket that does not fit exactly in the chest).

Daniel Radcliffe – the monochrome look

Total Black

© Dimitrios Kambouris

This is a look that works on everyone, but the look monochrome It has an effect that lengthens the wearer, so it is especially good for shorter men. You can use whatever color you want, but neutrals, black, blue, wine, always look better.

Jonah Hill – use color, but carefully

in suit

© Brian Dowling

You don’t have to live in monochrome looks, you can wear color, but you must be careful not to have too many contrasts in your outfit, that only makes the body look segmented and your legs appear shorter.

Kanye West – add some heel

Kanye West look

© George Pimentel

No, this does not mean that you wear the shoes instead, choose shoes with wider soles to add a bit of height, like some classic boots. It is always better to wear shoe colors that complement the look rather than cutting it off.

James McAvoy – take care of your coat length

PARIS, FRANCE – JANUARY 07: James McAvoy attends the “Glass” premiere at Cinematheque Francaise on January 07, 2019 in Paris, France. (Photo by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

© Stephane Cardinale – Corbis

For no reason should you let your shelter pass your knees, this creates the illusion that you have short legs and it seems that you did not find something in your size.

Tom Cruise – try on a slim tie

Tailor shop

© Photos International

A skinny tie may look very small on taller men, but for shorter men, who tend to have a smaller torso, it’s a look that can work and makes them look more proportionate. Thick ties can look too big.

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For short men: style tips from Hollywood short actors