‘Giant Little Ones’: self-discovery in adolescence


Original title: Giant Little Ones

Year: 2018

Duration: 93 minutes

Country: Canada

Address: Keith Behrman

Script: Keith Behrman

Song: Michael Brook

Photography: Guy Godfree

Distribution: Josh Wiggins, Maria Bello, Kyle MacLachlan, Taylor Hickson, Peter Outerbridge, Niamh Wilson, Olivia Scriven, Kiana Madeira, Darren Mann, Stephanie Moore, Jeff Clarke, Cory Lee, Hailey Kittle, Evan Marsh y Carson MacCormac

Producer: Euclid 431 Pictures, Scythia Films, Storyboard Entertainment y Sugar Shack Productions

Gender: Drama

Synopsis: Two popular boys, close friends since childhood, see their lives get complicated after an unexpected event on the night of a birthday party. (FilmAffinity)

If we talk about movies about teenagers growing up and discovering themselves, we could say that everything is already written. But from time to time tapes like ‘Giant Little Ones’ that, without much fanfare, give a new vision to this vital point.

It is a Canadian film that is slowly gaining recognition in different circles. Recently of the movie has incorporated it into its catalog and ETB he aired it a few months ago on his star show about cinema, ‘The night of’. The film tells the story of Franky, a teenager who, after a night out, sees his friendship with Ballas broken by a fortuitous sexual encounter between the two. At that moment, Ballas will publicly take Franky out of the closet, complicating his life in high school and breaking the union he had with his best friend. Franky, you will find refuge in Natasha, Ballas’s sister.

‘Giant Little Ones’ explores the discovery of sexuality and self at a tremendously difficult age such as adolescence. The movie of Keith Behrman opt for an unsweetened view of this situation. It has come to be defined as the anti ‘With love, Simon’, a film that told of Simon’s sexual discovery in the form of a romantic comedy. In this case there is little room for comedy, except in the moments that Franky shares with his friend Mouse.

Giant Little Ones

‘Giant Little Ones’ It is a film that leaves many doors open and that is closer to the reality of today’s young generations. It is appreciated that you do not resort to unnecessary melodrama, opting for a more leisurely and realistic tone, as they have recently done in series such as ‘Shame’. The conversations that Franky has with his father and his friend Mouse are the best we can find. A natural way of talking about sexual diversity, the rush of adolescence and self-discovery. Without leaving aside everything that the character of Natasha drags in terms of sexual abuse.

Out of stereotypes and bombastic speeches, ‘Giant Little Ones’ It is a movie of real characters and real stories. A good part of this merit also comes from its protagonists: Josh Wiggins, Darren Mann, Taylor Hickson O Niamh Wilson. I don’t know any of these actors in their previous work, but here they show potential.

‘Giant Little Ones’ is an excellent film that portrays with real success the complicated passage from adolescence to adulthood. A film with its feet on the ground and that does not resort to drama and unnecessary stereotypes. A new trend for movies of this type.

The best: Excellently captures that vital moment of late adolescence.

Worst: Although it is gaining in repercussion, it is far from other films of the style.

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‘Giant Little Ones’: self-discovery in adolescence