Goodbye to Susana Lanteri, an actress who knew how to make small roles great

The actress Susana Lanteri, with a vast career in film, theater and television, died this sunday September 5, as reported by the Argentine Association of Actors (AAA) on their social networks. I was 86 years old. The causes of his death are unknown, for now, although it turned out that he had been fighting a disease for years.

“With deep sadness we bid farewell to the actress Susana Lanteri. Her extensive and recognized career includes works in theater, film and TV. Affiliated to the Argentine Association of Actors since 1965. Our condolences to her family and loved ones, hugging them in pain”, reads the message broadcast by the AAA on Twitter and Facebook.

Lanteri was born on May 8, 1935 in Buenos Aires. She trained as an actress with teachers of the stature of Juan Carlos Gené, Augusto Fernandes and Alberto Ure. Although his training and his debut (in 1963, in the play Andorra) was theatrical, he also stood out in movies and television shows, in general building a gallery of those secondary characters that end up becoming essential.

A rich track record

He showed his solvency with works in plays such as Dollhouse, Hedda Gabler, Equus, Secret Ceremony, Yerma, The lie, The sacred monsters, Hamelin, The Trojans, Summer madmen, Saverio the cruel, The visits, Everything in the garden, Andorra and The bad blood, just to mention a few.

His last work on stage was in the 2017 staging of The Inheritance of Eszter, adaptation of the homonymous novel by the Hungarian writer Sándor Márai. There he shared the stage with Thelma Biral, Víctor Laplace, Luis Campos, Edgardo Moreira and María Viau.

On television, he worked on some fictions that marked an epoch. What High Comedy, Daring, Judged Thing or the soap opera Rose from afar, where she played Araceli. He was also in Mrs. Ordóñez (with Luisina Brando), based on the homonymous book by Marta Lynch.

Other programs he participated in were The sodero of my life, Risk zone, María de Nadie, Miss Andrea, Family Manager, Franco Buenaventura and Killer women.

Susana Lanteri on stage.

It was also seen in the remembered Specials from Barney Finn, Bárbara Narváez, Father Courage, Your World and Mine. Closer in time, many will remember her for her character as María Rosa Borda in Time does not stop and his Sofía Ucello de Spadaro in You reap what you sow.

It was the villain Elena Krüegger in Chiquititas and then he was in the series derived from that one, Corner of Light, like Victoria del Solar. His last television works were Phonies and The legacy.

On the big screen

His film debut occurred in 1971, in Argentinian to deathby Fernando Ayala. That same year he would integrate the cast of Let’s play in the world (1971, Maria Herminia Avellaneda), and then participate in The traitors (1974, by Raymundo Gleyzer), The return of Martín Fierro (1974, Enrique Dawi), The low blows (1974, Mario Sabato) y The conquest of paradise (1981, Eliseo Subiela).

He also acted in Count to ten (1985, Oscar Barney Finn), Assassination Tango (2002, Robert Duvall), Motorcycle Diaries (2004, Walter Salles) y Bed inside (2004, Jorge Gaggero), among others.

It has not yet been confirmed if he will go to the Pantheon of actors in the Chacarita cemetery.


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Goodbye to Susana Lanteri, an actress who knew how to make small roles great