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Great News is an American production released in 2017 through the NBC television network. In this fun sitcom we will introduce ourselves to the day-to-day life of a newsroom in which we will meet a diverse group of characters who will manage to get the occasional laugh out of us through the hilarious situations in which they are involved.

The story revolves around Katie Wendelson, who works as a producer on a news show called The Breakdown. His routine will be altered, however, when his mother Carol is hired as an intern, a fact that will lead to numerous uncomfortable situations in front of his colleagues and superiors.

The creator of this fiction is Tracey Wigfield, who despite her brief career in the industry has managed to stand out for her work in two of the most important comedies of recent years: 30 Rock, a creation of Tina Fey (Saturday Nigh Live), and The Mindy Project. Tina Fey also intervened as a screenwriter and executive producer in Great News with her inseparable Robert Carlock, responsible for fiction with her Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Fey also participated with a brief role in which she played Diana St. Tropez.

Among the cast of interpreters who take part in this comedy, it is worth highlighting the names of Briga Heelan (Ground Floor), Andrea Martin (Difficult People), Adam Campbell (Mixology), Nicole rich (The Simple Life), Horatio Sanz (Black Monday) y John Michael Higgins (Happily Divorced).

By way of curiosity, it is necessary to refer to the fact that the idea for this fiction derives from the creator’s own personal experience, who while working as a screenwriter in 30 Rock she had to witness the numerous appearances of her mother during the recordings, who would show up with her friends for a guided tour of the studios.

And is that Great News It stands out, precisely, for the complex relationship between Katie and her mother, who will transfer their personal experiences to the work environment. In this context, the differences between the two will become apparent due to the difficulty of role reversal, through which Carol will have to put herself under her daughter’s orders.

In addition, through this production, viewers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the operation of an informative program, showing us the experience of a group of characters who work both behind and in front of the cameras. Of course, it does so by exploiting a humor that will force the protagonists to face all kinds of hilarious situations as part of their daily lives, turning the series into a light entertainment with which to have a good time.

After two batches of episodes, NBC announced that the series had been canceled, news that surprised the team and especially producers Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, who saw great potential in fiction and pointed out the lack of promotion as Possible problem in capturing public interest.

Despite having lasted only two seasons and was not supported by audience figures, Great News It managed to win the recognition of specialized critics and was awarded in 2018 with the Gracie Allen Award for Best Comedy.

So now you know, if you are looking for an entertaining comedy with perfectly constructed characters, don’t hesitate and start a marathon with the two seasons that make up this crazy fiction that will show you how it works behind the scenes without sacrificing your sense of humor.


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Great News – Series List | Series lists