‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Kate Walsh wants to return as Addison Montgomery

Following her role in ‘The Umbrella Academy’, Kate Walsh has set her sights on one of her most iconic roles as neonatal obstetrician Addison Montgomery from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ as she wants to play him again.

The followers of Grey’s Anatomy after 17 seasons know well who Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) is. The memory goes back to the last chapter of season 1 of Grey’s Anatomy, when Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) were about to start their relationship. The only detail is that Shepherd never told Mer (who was a resident of the hospital at the time) that he was married and found out when he met the wife, Addison. The character was so popular that after three installments the actress had her own spin-off titled Private Practice which lasted six deliveries and ended in 2013, so eight years have passed without the interpreter putting on a hospital gown.

In between, we could see her as Olivia Baker, Hanna’s mother in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why and then enter the world of superheroes with The Umbrella Academy, giving life to The Handler. Regarding the rumors about Grey’s Anatomy can be found in its final season and that Patrick Dempsey and T. R Knight have made special appearances, Walsh has expressed his desire to return to the series and his character.

The actress we also saw in 3022 and Relentless Revenge expressed the above in an interview for People magazine: “If I could do it I would be happy to come back.” Walsh noted that Grey’s Anatomy He changed his life and that from the beginning of the project he sensed that it was going to be a success, despite the fact that his character was supportive. What she never thought is that, apart from being a television phenomenon, she herself would have a central journey with her spin-off And it would boost his career beyond what he thought.

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Kate Walsh wants to return to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.

Kate’s participation would go perfectly with what is happening in season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy And it might be a good way to top off some stories, for example, when Derek died, we obviously never knew the reaction of Addison, who had been married to him for many years. This would give a rather nostalgic value to the series. Walsh has remained in force for the Netflix series and could be a great comeback for the project. While this is happening, the actress is in talks with Darren Star, Emily’s creator in Paris to return the second season as Madeline Wheeler: “We talked about it. We will see. I’m still not sure. But I loved participating in that series. It was a lot of fun, it would be wonderful to come back ”, said the interpreter.

Lastly, Vernoff confessed to The Hollywood Reporter that he is working on a potential final of Grey’s Anatomy: “I’m planning a season and an ending that could work as a season finale or a series finale. I am planning both contingencies and it is difficult and not ideal. It’s not where I would like us to be. ” So again there are clues to the impending denouement and Kate Walsh could be a part of this.

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Kate Walsh wants to return as Addison Montgomery