Hugh Jackman’s grief after the death of his father, the man he learned everything from when his mother abandoned him

Hugh Jackman has announced that her father, Christopher Joan Jackman, has passed away. The Australian actor has revealed his pain through a very emotional post that he wanted to share with his followers. “In the early hours of Father’s Day, my father passed away peacefully. And although there is deep sadness, I am filled with gratitude and love. My dad was, in a word, extraordinary. He dedicated his life to his family, his work and his faith. I pray that now I am at peace with God, “said the interpreter of Australia and The Great Showman who then received a barrage of condolences from thousands of fans and fellow professionals.

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Hugh Jackman with his father

He was eight years old when his mother ditched him and his siblings

Christopher, like his ex-wife Grace, was of British descent, and although Hugh was born in Australia, he is a British citizen like his parents. The childhood of the well-known Hollywood actor was not easy at all. The Broadway star was an eight-year-old boy when his mother Grace left him and his family to move to England in the late 1970s, leaving her husband alone to raise her children. After the couple divorced, Hugh’s sisters, Zoe and Sonya, went to live with their mother in the UK, while Hugh and his brothers, Ian and Ralph, stayed in Sydney with their father.

Jackman remembers the difficult years of his childhood; “It was traumatic. I thought I would probably go back. And then it went on over and over again. ” It wasn’t until he was 12 or 13 that he realized that his mother would never return. In 2012, Hugh spoke for the show 60 minutes of CBS and that was when he confessed that his mother had abandoned his father, him and his brothers. And he wanted to thank Christopher with these emotional words: ‘My father is my rock. It’s where I learned all about loyalty and dependency. To always be there day after day, whatever happens. ‘

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Hugh still he remembers with immense pain the day his mother left home. “I can remember the morning she left. I remember seeing her with a rolled towel around her head and saying goodbye. I went to school and when I came back there was no one at home,” said the actor. “The next day a telegram came from England, Mom was there. And that was it.” “I don’t think she thought for a second that it would be forever. I think she thought ‘I have to go and I’m going back.’ Dad used to pray every night for Mom to come back “, added. Finally, he reflected on his father: “I think he probably lives with some regrets or the feeling that maybe he invested too much time in his career, and he does not want me to make that mistake.” Jackman has been married to Deborra-Lee Furness for 25 years and has two adopted children, Oscar, 21, and Ava, 16, but he spends no more than two weeks apart from his family and is an example of how to balance his life personal and professional.


Hugh Jackman with his mother

Hugh Jackman with his mother

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Over time he regained his relationship with his mother

Over time the interpreter of The Miserables could realize that her mother struggled with postpartum depression without adequate help. Years later, Hugh spoke to his mother about his decision to leave and realized that he wouldn’t have been able to understand it when he was a kid“I know she was struggling. She was in the hospital after I was born suffering from postpartum depression,” she explained, as her father worked all day to get the money home. That’s when you sometimes realize that as parents we sometimes make mistakes. Having children with his wife Deborra-Lee gave him “another level of empathy and understanding” that allowed him to build bridges with his mother. Fortunately, Hugh and his mother reconciled years later and now see each other frequently.. In October 2011 he confessed in the newspaper The Sun “Definitely we have made amends, which is important. I was always quite connected with my mother. I have a good relationship with her. “

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Hugh Jackman’s grief after the death of his father, the man he learned everything from when his mother abandoned him