Ian McKellen supports Elliot Page: ‘His name is Elliot and I’m very happy’

Elliot Page He announced, a few weeks ago, that he was a transgender person through a message he shared on social networks. The actor undressed before millions of people, confessing that his joy was real, but at the same time, tremendously fragile. “The truth is that despite feeling deeply happy and knowing how privileged I am, I’m also scared. Scared of intrusions, hatred, ‘jokes‘and violence “. And violence and mockery arose, but also the support and affection of those who celebrated the courage of his decision. Netflix updated his works, as did the IMDb and other platforms, which modified the actor’s credits. Is now Sir Ian McKellen, recently vaccinated against COVID-19, who has confirmed his full support for Page (va Cinemana).

They both worked on X-Men

Sir Ian McKellen, who worked with Page on the series X-Men, has shown his support for Elliot in an interview for Attitude Magazine. The British know how important it is to be honest with oneself, especially considering that he has always been open when recognizing himself as gay since the eighties, without concealment or fuss of any kind. “Everything, absolutely everything improves when you count it because you gain confidence in yourself. You improve in relationships, in friendships of all kinds, in your family if you are lucky”, confesses the interpreter of Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. “In my case, I think that in all cases, your performance is linked to change and improvement,” he adds. With Elliot’s case it has been more evident to him, as McKellen and Page met in X-Men: La decisin final (2006), in which the actor returned to play Magneto while the second made his debut as the mutant Kitty Pryde, one of the most beloved characters in Marvel comics. There, during filming, McKellen discovered Page’s difficulties in communicating and relating.

I remember Elliot Page in one of the movies from X-Men, sitting as close as we are now, “he recounted in the interview. “I had to speak when Kitty finished, and I wasn’t listening to anything she said. No one was listening to anything she said. I said: ‘Hey, if you can’t speak louder, could you drop your hand when you’re done speaking so I know you’re done?’“, it states. The actor thinks Page had his own fears and insecurities, and it took him many years to overcome them. “He said he was gay years later and couldn’t stop talking anymore. That’s when we heard it all.”he stated as he applauded the courage of Page’s speech in 2014.

“Now … it’s Elliot. And I’m very happy for him.”

Community rights activist and advocate LGTBQ, he regrets not having noticed or not having helped when he could. He is aware that he failed to be more understanding with him in his day, and should have supported him and helped him in his difficulties during the filming. “Now … it’s Elliot. And I’m so happy for Elliot, and so disappointed in myself for not detecting his difficulties with communication.”, complete.


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Ian McKellen supports Elliot Page: ‘His name is Elliot and I’m very happy’