Allyson Felix iguala a Carl Lewis

At 35, Allyson Felix enters the Olympic legend. The Californian sprinter did it again. He circled the track very fast, in 49.46 the 400 meters. And it gave him to win the bronze, after the powerful Bahamian Shaunae Miller Uibo (48.37) and the surprising Dominican Marileidy Paulino (49.20). Felix’s medal is not exactly the first, but the tenth of his Olympic career, a magical figure. Because it equals Carl Lewis in number of metals and surpasses Merlene Ottey as the athletic woman with the most. A unique milestone.

“It was a struggle to get here. When I was younger, I never thought it would be difficult to get into a final now, but you’re getting older. You just have to be smarter and solve it, “explained Felix, born in Santa Clarita (California). in the mixed zone of the Olympic stadium in front of several dozen journalists.

Mother of the young Camryn after a complicated pregnancy and delivery, Allyson had promised to return this season to the highest level. With problems with his previous trademark (Nike) he opted for an unknown sponsor (Athleta) and they made specific shoes for him. To rejuvenate himself, he joined his group Sydney McLaughlin, the young 400-hurdler record holder who brought out the best in Allyson, always under the supervision of Bob Kersee.

Felix ran the demanding Trials USA and qualified without problems. And so, with an even more improved version, it landed in Tokyo. He passed the round with ease, although he had the complicated 8th fairway in this final. No references, but Allyson knows herself too well. She knows the pace, the strides, everything it takes to be a medalist. She reached the last strong straight, on the podium, with Miller-Uibo forever and the booming Paulino ahead. She had to control Jamaicans McPherson (49.61) and McLeod (49.87). Did. “I would like to be an inspiration for all mothers, to see that it is possible to return to where you were,” she said.

Medal since Athens 2004

The most brutal thing about Allyson Felix’s medal record is that the first came in Athens 2004 (silver in 200) and since then he has caught in all the Games. In beijing 2008 (gold in 4×400 and silver in 200), in London 2012 (three sizes: 200, 4×100 and 4×400), in Rio 2016 (silver in 400 and gold in 4×100 and 4×400), now comes this, his first bronze. In Tokyo 2020. “I didn’t think I would be in this situation again,” Felix said.

Allyson Felix will now have an option to tie the tie at Olympus with Carl Lewis, the son of the wind, because he plans to race this Saturday in the 4×400 final with the United States. It would be medal number 11. “Congratulations Allyson, you are better than ever at 35,” Lewis wrote in a message. A legend.

Allyson Felix’s medals

Games Test Medal
Tokyo 2020 400 Bronze
Rio 2016 4×400 Oro
Rio 2016 4×100 Oro
Rio 2016 400 The payment
London 2012 4×400 Oro
London 2012 4×100 Oro
London 2012 200 Oro
Beijing 2008 4×400 Oro
Beijing 2008 200 The payment
Athens 2004 200 The payment

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Allyson Felix iguala a Carl Lewis

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