Bad Bunny from ‘Yo me llamo’ was rejected for singing better than the original


A new episode of ‘My name is’ He surprised viewers with talents that, until now, were unknown to the vast majority, but who stood out for the great ability to imitate their favorite artist. However, not all contestants made it to the next round and one of them was a young man who played Bad Bunny.

According to what the jury exposed, only twice the Puerto Rican singer finished his interpretation of the song ‘Mía’, even though he made an impeccable presentation and even, according to Amparo Grisales, he has a better voice than the original artist, is far from being his perfect double.

In fact, Yeison Jiménez also pointed out that this was precisely “the problem”, that he does it better than the real ‘bad rabbit’, which is why he invited him not to continue imitating him but to create his own music with an original voice.

“If you like that genre a lot, why don’t you record your demo and start fighting for your music? That’s what I did for about 10 years”added the popular music singer.

César Escola was not far behind and, as an expert in music, he told the imitator that he has a great ear and that, contrary to Bad Bunny, he is usually much more in tune.

“I am saying this to Yeison and we agree: you did not detune one of them, that shows that you have a wonderful ear and I am very sorry for Bad Bunny, the original, because he does not hit any of them and you hit them all, then for good your name is not, ”commented the Argentine.

Without a word to the praise, the young man turned around and left the stage of ‘Yo me llamo’, and that was when the name of the famous artist was the subject of conversation on social networks such as Twitter, where it was a trend.

“What a sadness to show up and be told: ‘you don’t pass for good'”Yeison Jiménez concluded.

This is not the first Bad Bunny impersonator to appear on the most popular impersonator show in the country, although these have had a different luck, taking into account that, for example, one of them went to the next round.

In addition, the urban genre has had a great reception in the eighth season of ‘Yo me llamo’, since there are several contestants who will be in future chapters representing singers such as J Balvin, Greeicy Rendón and Maluma, who captivated the demanding jury.

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As a commemoration of the tenth anniversary of ‘My name is’, the production of the most popular imitation contest in the country announced how much the winner of the eighth season is going to take, which began to be broadcast on October 26 on the Caracol Televisión signal.

According to what was said by Juan Esteban Sampedro, entertainment manager of the channel, to the media Pulse, the current installment of the program has the most juicy prize in its history: 700 million pesos.

In the same way, he let it be known that Caracol’s investment in the prizes for ‘Yo me llamo’ amounts to about 1,200 million pesos, taking into account that the first place will not be the only one that can add money to your pockets.

“There are some prizes that the program participants are going to win week by week, that is, the best of the week is going to win a prize that starts at 10 million pesos and ends at 70 million,” Sampedro explained to said media.

He even revealed that viewers will also participate in the awards, although he did not make it clear how.


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Bad Bunny from ‘Yo me llamo’ was rejected for singing better than the original

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