Bowen Yang and the point of heeled boots

The red carpet of the Emmys 2021 glowed silver after Bowen Yang, the acclaimed Saturday Night Live comedian appeared in perfect Syro heeled boots. Along with a more conventional double breasted suit, boots were the extra exclamation point resulting in a statement that, although less scandalous than others, reminded us that heeled boots also fit the masculine look.

Bowen Yang at the 2021 Emmys

And if, in case the red carpet cameras hadn’t taken his boots, Which She took it upon herself to show them off in the clearest way, showing them off in a hilarious way during the broadcast before presenting the award for best actress in a comedy series. We don’t blame you considering the pieces custom made that he had at his feet. As we mentioned, the boots are made of Syro, a “queer cult” brand focused on creating high-heeled pieces, “breaking systems” and celebrating the Femme, referring to the feminine fashion aspect, but allowing it to be worn by anyone. Yang, in case we remember him, is part of the LGBT + community, being openly gay.

Bowen Yang at the EmmysJay L. Clendenin

The pieces of Syro they seek eternity, drawing on the influence of iconic feminine pieces, but giving them a twist of their own genderless by mixing it with elements that we find in more “masculine” pieces, such as combat boots. They create silhouettes that lose a bit of the delicacy of the traditional feminine wardrobe, taking on a much more brutal or impressionistic look. Its catalog is a journey through time mixed with modernity, finding from tall pieces that remind us of the ye-ye era, to simple sandals with heels. They are an absolute acceptance of diversity integrating different types of heels and platforms, being unique pieces. They will join essential men’s boots.

The boots he wore Bowen Yang in the Emmys. they were some Syro Rancho Made4Walking, with ankle length and side closure, made of black patent leather. The front is square, giving it a more brutal look, which is kept on a thick platform. The originals are in a black hue, while the comedian’s were produced in the shiny silver we saw, being even louder.

The Rancho within the street style, they are a kind of modern continuation of the punk queer expression of the 70s, being the worthy successors of the worker boots. The black patent leather throughout the piece that takes a large part of the view bursts in and invites you to wear garments that take them as protagonists (we already saw the case of Which), also being able to be used to create a contrast between the sophistication of the piece and something a little further away from it. It is actually difficult to describe the multiple ways in which they can be used, really sticking with the essence of each person. Even the option of Which, no matter how perfect, it stays medium when we see it in more punk outfits.

But, even though the clothes have that queer focus, what he did Which was to show that he can fit into any outfit, regardless of the type of person. Without wearing an absolutely queer outfit, she left space for the boots, also showing the pleasure of showing them and letting them shine, a taste that can go beyond anyone’s sexual identity. It is one more example of how what we consider to be the tradition of the male wardrobe and the different nuances and freedoms that now exist is breaking through. Of course, there are those conservatives who stick with the classic, but there are others who seek a little more freedom and fun in what they wear.

And if we had a chance at those boots, we probably would. No questions asked.

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Bowen Yang and the point of heeled boots

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