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The relationships that he built over two decades and the end of his stay with the New England Patriots are the axis on which Tom Brady centers his story about winning his sixth Super Bowl ring in the Episode 9 del documental “Man In The Arena” de ESPN+.

Brady, who was 41 years old at the 2018 offseason, points out that, by that time, he already had full knowledge of how he should prepare mentally and physically to face the rigors of the game schedule and therefore did not need to be present at the games. Patriots jobs leading up to training camp.

“I knew how to prepare, how many passes to throw, how many weights to lift, how much to run, and how to commit to training hard, but I also needed to get my kids to school, help them,” Brady notes. “I really couldn’t (be with them) during the season. (I needed) to see my son Jack, who is currently living in another city.

“It had been just about me for a long time and I had to make a different commitment to my family,” she adds.

New England started the 2018 season 2-2, and while several analysts said the team was in trouble and probably couldn’t recover from its uneven start, as it often does after the first month of every season, Brady said the Patriots they never felt out of contention for a playoff berth.

“The NFL season is like this: You work hard in training camp to be well prepared for the start of the season, but, in the end, you really don’t know what you have,” explains the legendary No. 12. “Things start. to develop with the start of the season. If you are 2-2, you are not out of the fight, you just have to play better and learn from it. If you’re 2-2 and you didn’t learn anything, then you’re in trouble.

“We didn’t feel good about the position we were in, but we certainly weren’t out (of the fight),” he stresses.

As happened in several of the previous seasons in which he won the Super Bowl, Brady highlights how the Patriots ignored the criticism and focused on what they could do week by week.

With that mentality, Brady emphasizes, the Patriots managed to overcome strong defeats against the Miami Dolphins (with the miraculous touchdown of Kenyon Drake at the end of the game) and against the Pittsburgh Steelers and the hostile environment in the AFC Championship Game, on the road. , against the Kansas City Chiefs, whom they had also beaten in the regular season.

Much of the credit for New England overcoming adversity, not just in 2018 but throughout his career as a quarterback with the Patriots, Brady gives to coach Bill Belichick, whom, in a way, he thanks in this episode.

“I loved the way (Belichick) kept us focused on the great moments and there we were again, in a great moment (Super Bowl XLIII),” says the quarterback.

On two occasions during the episode, Brady talks about his relationship with Belichick, which he describes as great, but limited to being only a coach / player and points out that the strategist, recognized for his demeanor and serious attitudes in public, exposed him on several occasions that there was no other player he would have preferred as a Patriots quarterback than him.

After recounting the fierce fight with the Los Angeles Rams to win Super Bowl LIII, Brady takes up the subject of Belichick after indicating that he knew that the 2019 season would be his last season with the Patriots.

“I had 20 of the most incredible years of my life in one place, with a team (…). I had a great relationship with coach Belichick, ”reiterates Brady. “I guess I wanted a quarterback to come in and always put the team first and I wanted a coach to come in and always put the team first and we managed to create a great relationship. He is the best coach I could have asked for.

“We had our problems at different times, but they were only moments and they do not define what our relationship was,” he adds.

Reflecting on the friendships he created over two decades in New England, the passer made mention of the people he met at him from the gym to the equipment and video staff and teammates like Drew Bledsoe, Willie McGinest, Teddy Bruschi, Mike Vrabel, Vince Wilfork or Julian Edelman, guest for episode 9, among others.

“I would not change anything, neither the good nor the bad,” Brady notes of his 20 years with the Patriots. “I would take the memories and the relationships with me. There was no better place I could be than in New England, playing with the Patriots. “

The ninth episode concludes with the image of Brady in the uniform and helmet of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Don’t miss Episode 9 of “Man in the Arena” next Tuesday, January 18 on ESPN +.

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Man in the Arena: Tom Brady / Resumen Episodio 9

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