Steelers threaten their history, the future of the 49ers and the legacy of Tom Brady

Like every Monday, we go with the conclusions after the fourteenth day of NFL American football:

This Steelers team goes against the history of the franchise. They are weak in the trenches and were dominated there throughout the game. The offense only wakes up when they feel desperate, but that rushing defense was pathetic.

1. Only the Vikings can manage to make a crucial win for their playoff aspirations leave them with a bitter taste in their mouths. After a phenomenal first half, with great offensive line work and Dalvin Cook, they almost squandered a 29-point lead. Winning is an art.

2. Rashaad Penny has suffered many injuries and has been an utter disappointment since being selected in the first round of the 2018 draft. Healthy, he had one of the best games of his career and could be vital in maintaining what few aspirations Seattle have left. .

3. The Texans’ running game is non-existent. Davis Mills completed his first 14 passes, and although the rookie quarterback cooled down as the game progressed, the final four games will serve to determine whether or not he will be part of the Texans’ future.

4. The Browns won a vital game to keep dreaming, but once again it was difficult for them to close the game. Baker Mayfield looked better after the rest day, but they struggled to run against Baltimore. In my eyes, Myles Garrett is the favorite to win Defender of the Year.

5. The Ravens’ resilience is to be commended, given that while they lose important pieces every week, they never lower their arms. Now, however, they light candles by Lamar Jackson’s ankle, because without him, they are not going anywhere and have four difficult games left.

6. Alvin Kamara returned after four games, and the Saints offense finally showed some explosiveness; the running back finished with 145 yards and a touchdown. However, they faced the worst defense in the NFL, and Taysom Hill remains unwarranted as a passer.



Teams like the Chiefs, Cowboys and Browns added victories based on a solid defensive performance that was reflected in the final scores of their meetings.

7. Zach Wilson completed just 45 percent of his passes, and most of his yards came in garbage time. Although in fairness, without Elijah Moore and Corey Davis, the rookie quarterback doesn’t have much help. The Jets have not made the playoffs for 11 consecutive seasons.

8. There’s no defense that’s playing better than the Chiefs right now. They forced five more losses to the Raiders and scored a touchdown; they have allowed less than 10 average points in the last six games. Kansas City begins to look better with each passing week.

9. Despite the fact that mathematically they are still alive, he is beginning to look favorably on a total makeover in Las Vegas, and that includes the general manager. Mike Mayock and quarterback Derek Carr. The Raiders’ only high point has been wide receiver Hunter Renfrow.

10. For whatever reason, the Falcons have been more effective on the road. They surpassed 100 yards rushing for the third consecutive game, the defense generated three losses and despite having many holes, Altanta remains in the conversation to qualify for the playoffs.

11. Matt Rhule fired the offensive coordinator Joe BradyBut the problems in attack continue because you opted for Sam Darnold and then for Cam Newton. Even PJ Walker saw action, and his handling of quarterbacks plus three losses in a row could put Rhule on the line.

12. The Titans defense had four interceptions and the front seven put good pressure on Trevor Lawrence all afternoon. The offense scares no one and they keep hitting Ryan Tannehill too hard, but Derrick Henry could come back in week 18.

13. The confidence of a rookie quarterback can disappear in the blink of an eye and Trevor Lawrence gets hit harder and harder, and then makes more and more mistakes. Urban Meyer It has become a distraction that seems like he wants to be fired and paid.

14. Randy Gregory has been one of the Cowboys’ top three defensive players this season. The defense generated four losses and took the team on their shoulders, considering that the offense almost gave away an incredible game. The division is practically yours.

15. When Washington cannot run effectively, they expose themselves to the shortcomings of the offense. Taylor Heinicke played his worst game of the year and injured his knee. Without Terry McLaurin (shock) and JD McKissic, they have no explosiveness in attack. They need to regain health.

16. Javonte Williams and Melvin Gordon combined for 39 carries for 184 rushing yards and three touchdowns. When the Broncos give that duo at least 28 carries, they are 7-1 this year. He has the Bengals and three division games left with the playoffs in mind.

17. Without D’Andre Swift, who should be sitting for the year by now, and TJ Hockenson, plus a COVID-19 epidemic on the campus, the battle was uphill for Detroit. Craig Reynolds was a pleasant surprise on the ground and Josh Woods had the best game of his career.



Jimmy Garoppolo passes Brandon Aiyuk, who uses brilliant footwork to stay in bounds and score the game-winning TD in overtime.

18. Because of injuries, George Kittle had withdrawn from the “best tight end in the NFL” conversation. In the last two games, he has 22 receptions for 332 yards and three TDs. Questionable handling of the clock Kyle Shanahan and injury to Azeez Al-Shaair. 49ers should be in the playoffs.

19. Painful loss that temporarily removes the Bengals from the playoffs. Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase grew late, but costly losses and defensive inconsistencies ended up sinking them. They close the season against Denver, Baltimore, Chiefs and Browns. Hard.

20. Without Keenan Allen, the trio of Josh Palmer, Jalen Guyton and Mike Williams grew and shone thanks to a phenomenal Justin Herbert. Chargers won two in a row, they are entrenched in the playoffs, and although the AFC is tight, they still have games against Texans and Raiders, so the outlook is good.

21. The lack of a pass-rusher and the infinite shortcomings of the offensive line are the main problems for the Giants. Outside of a 60-yard pass to Kyle Rudolph, New York’s offense did nothing. Dave Gettleman will be fired, and the future of Joe Judge is also in doubt.

22. After a near-perfect first half, the Bucs rested on their laurels. Bruce Arians he did not handle the game well from the wings and the defense stopped pressing. Tom Brady threw his 700th TD in overtime to Breshad Perriman. Will Tampa Bay lose again?

23. While it remains a concern that Buffalo is not a very physical team, performances like Josh Allen’s in the second half are the reason many do not get off the Bills’ boat. As if that were not enough, after measuring Pats, they close at home against Carolina, Atlanta and Jets.

24. When Green Bay sets up the running attack, it is practically impossible to stop. Aaron Rodgers is from another planet, but injuries keep piling up in OL. Although they have struggled all year, it was some of the worst special teams performances I have ever seen.

25. The mere presence of Justin Fields behind center allows the Bears to have a much more creative game plan. Jakeem Grant had his dream night, but Jason Peters was injured and Teven Jenkins had a rough night. Chicago reminded us of what it might have been like with Nagy.

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Steelers threaten their history, the future of the 49ers and the legacy of Tom Brady

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