August 1, 2021

after years of waiting, have you given up on having a child? tell us

The bioethics bill and its flagship measure to open up medically assisted procreation (MAP) to all women will be back before the National Assembly on June 7. The government wants final adoption before the summer. A vote that will put an end to nearly ten years of waiting for lesbian couples and singles.

While President François Hollande had pledged, from his 2012 campaign, to open up assisted reproduction to all women, this project had not finally been incorporated into the law in favor of marriage for all, adopted the following year. . Repeatedly rejected by the current government, the opening of assisted reproduction to all women will no longer be possible for some of them, who are now too old or tired to have a child. In his essay Lesbian Genius (Grasset, 2020), Alice Coffin, elected ecologist at the Council of Paris, thus evokes these years of procrastination “During which the possibility of having a child has vanished for thousands of women. Me including “.

Have you given up on your maternity plan after having waited a long time for the law in favor of assisted reproduction to be adopted? Tell us. What was your journey in recent years to have a child? What made you give up your desire to procreate? What were the different stages leading up to making this decision not to become a mother? How did you experience abandoning this parenting project? What is your view on the legislative course of the bill?

Your testimony, which we will read carefully, may be used in an article to appear in The world on this topic.

Do not forget to mention a telephone number, as well as an e-mail address that you consult often, we could be brought to contact you for clarification. Your anonymity can be preserved if you request it.

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