August 4, 2021

For the regions, the left refuses the security turn of the debate

Security is invited into the regional campaign and places the left in a dilemma. After the death of the history-geography professor Samuel Paty, on October 16, 2020, the assassination of a brigadier in Avignon, on May 5, and the march of the police officers expressing their anger, on May 19, the subject became omnipresent .

Should we therefore take up the theme again, because it has become one of the major concerns of the French, when the region has no competence in matters of security? Or stick to the questions arising from the health crisis and continue to plead the urgency of putting ecological transition and the social question at the heart of regional policy actions? Whether they are socialists, environmentalists or “rebels”, the candidates and their parties remain cautious and do not intend to deviate from their campaign strategy.

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For many, the omnipresence of security proposals, carried by the right and the far right, had been evident for months. While the left and environmentalists had seen the government’s mistakes in its fight against the pandemic as indicative of the weakness of the state and the need to strengthen it, the beginnings of the campaign had exposed the rise of the influence of the speech of the National Rally in the electorate. The right-wing candidates then competed in inventiveness to try not to be left behind. “It’s a trap that I felt a year ago, and I tried not to fall into it. You should never run using your opponent’s arguments ”, wittily Carole Delga.

In the eyes of the Socialist President of the Occitanie region, if it is not a question of dodging the subject, it must be articulated at the request of more State: the police and the gendarmerie come under the sovereign, not the communities local.

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“It’s true that all the right-wing and far-right candidates make it their central theme, but we manage by explaining that the crisis has taught us that, in the following France, we must build a model. solidarity and ecological justice ”, considers Pierre Jouvet. The national secretary for the elections of the Socialist Party assures that the candidates in the campaign are not “Prevented” to unfold their credo: “Voters are listening when we talk to them about the opening of health centers and salaried doctors helped by the region, or the need to strengthen local public services. “

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