August 3, 2021

immersed in the micro-parties of Guillaume Peltier

A sign of political vitality or a confusion of public and private interests? Since he has been in politics, Guillaume Peltier, deputy vice-president of the Les Républicains (LR) party, has multiplied the creation of microparties. 1is April, he announced the birth of Ensemble with Guillaume Peltier, a movement whose “The intention is purely ideological”, with the ambition of “Rebuild a political column for the French right”, he then confides to Parisian. At the end of summer 2017, he had created Les Populaires, then wanted a new “Political spur of the right”. In December 2017, the association Les Amis de Guillaume Peltier was launched, in order to “Allow all citizens to be even more involved in its action”, in particular to organize events in his stronghold of deputy of Loir-et-Cher, like the annual festival of the violet.

These structures, prized by a good number of elected officials, make it possible to receive, in all legality, donations from supporters, tax-exempt up to two thirds. With guaranteed discretion: the identity of donors is not public. By investigating part of the money received by the Association de financement des Amis de Guillaume Peltier (AFAGP) and by Les Populaires, The world sheds light on the financial and interest links existing between the local elected representative and several entrepreneurs established in his department.

In 2019, three quarters of the approximately 35,000 euros raised by AFAGP were thus concentrated among eight generous wealthy donors. Most of them had been able, or were able subsequently, to congratulate themselves on the services rendered by the elected official, within the framework of his functions, or during his public positions. When contacted, Guillaume Peltier said to himself “Free and independent of any pressure” and assures it: “No donation entails any obligation for me. It is not because I receive donations that I defend beliefs, it is because I defend beliefs that I receive donations. “

Network of relations with entrepreneurs

To fully understand the case, we need to take a step back. After electoral failures under the colors of the Movement for France of Philippe de Villiers, in the 2000s, then setbacks in Tours, under the banner of the UMP, Guillaume Peltier does not give up. He takes the direction of Loir-et-Cher. In March 2014, he was elected mayor, in the first round, of Neung-sur-Beuvron, 1,200 inhabitants. A month later, in April, he became head of the community of municipalities of Sologne des étangs, which brings together twelve municipalities and 8,700 inhabitants. In June 2017, he was elected deputy for the second constituency of Loir-et-Cher. He then abandons his scarf of mayor, because of the law on the non-accumulation of mandates.

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