August 1, 2021

In Mexico, the “hyper-presidency” of “AMLO” electrifies the electoral campaign

Never has a Mexican president so discredited the electoral authorities. The standoff engaged by Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (“AMLO”) electrifies the campaign of legislative and local mega-elections scheduled for June 6. “I just exercise my freedom of expression”, insists AMLO, accused of violating his duty of reserve by the National Electoral Institute (INE). The interested party denounces “Partiality” of INE for the benefit of the opposition. His « hyperprésidence », which targets counter-powers, provokes an outcry in the face of the risks, according to its critics, of “Autocratic drift”.

“They want to prevent us from keeping the majority [au Congrès] », repeats AMLO, lambasting “A factious strategy” from the institute responsible for organizing and regulating the largest poll in recent history of the country. On June 6, 93 million Mexicans are called upon to elect candidates for more than 20,000 mandates, including 500 deputies, 15 of the 31 governorships and thousands of local offices in most of the 2,467 municipalities in the country.

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In the sights of AMLO: the calls to order from the INE against its daily press conferences. A media ritual, established by the president since taking office in December 2018, which monopolizes the political debate until the newspapers the next day. INE announced on Friday May 28 that it had identified “Propagandist remarks” during 29 of its 36 press conferences held between April 5, the official start of the campaign, and May 20. The Mexican Constitution prohibits those elected in office from taking a stand during an electoral process.

The rule does not fit well with the activism of the president, which weighs with all its weight on the campaign, while his National Regeneration Movement (Morena, left) plays its majority in the Chamber of Deputies. Every morning, for two hours, AMLO uses this media platform to praise the progress of its transformation project in Mexico. Not to mention his repeated attacks on his political opponents, whom he describes as “Conservatives”.

“An attack on democracy”

The opposition is united in a coalition that covers the political spectrum. Even the former AMLO formation, the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD, left), is part of it. The polls nevertheless give the victory to Morena, carried by the popularity of the president which exceeds 60%.

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