August 3, 2021

the National Gathering imposes its themes in view of the presidential election

Marine Le Pen said it bluntly, the departmental and regional elections are the first step in his conquest of power. “There is an electoral sequence that includes departmental, regional, presidential, assured, on May 21, the president of the National Assembly (RN). We need all the communities to be turned towards the same objective, in support of the State policy that I will lead when I am President of the Republic, I need the departments to accompany these changes. “

She repeats it every time she travels during the Tour de France that she is doing at the moment to support her candidates. She herself shows the example by standing in the departmental elections in the canton of Hénin-Beaumont-2, alongside Steeve Briois, the mayor of the city. The member for Pas-de-Calais does not take much risk: the canton is held by two deputy mayors of Hénin-Beaumont, who had obtained, in 2015, 49.44% in the first round and 53.78% in the second. Still she intends to see in the local elections “A radiant omen” of the presidential election.

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Marine Le Pen has two reasons to be confident: her party finds itself on favorable ground with the return of the theme of security in the campaign, and opinion polls invariably place her in the second round of the presidential election. . And, with the approach of the first round of the regional, the RN finds itself once again at the center of the debates, attracting converts, forcing its opponents to consider alliances or mergers – often in a certain confusion.

Police presence in transport

The National Rally has, in fact, seen the emergence and sometimes imposed in the debate, on the right as among the Macronists, two fundamental subjects of the far-right party: immigration and delinquency – themes that are not really of the competence of the regions. Marine Le Pen swears that if, “The region has its say, it has political force, we must not consider that the region is exclusively closed in its powers. The regional council has something to claim and to denounce, when the State does not fulfill its role ”. “There is an elephant in the middle of the living room that nobody wants to see, said Jordan Bardella, vice-president of the RN and candidate in Ile-de-France, May 28 on BFM-TV. We are paying for years of migration policy. “ He is certain of it: “Much of the violence in our country comes from anarchic immigration, he repeated two days earlier on Sud Radio. Much of the delinquency comes from people with a connection to immigration. “

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