July 31, 2021

Macron’s “secular pilgrimage” as a presidential pre-campaign

Faced with those who still doubted his determination to continue the presidential adventure beyond 2022, Emmanuel Macron has now resolved any ambiguity. Beginning, Wednesday 2 and Thursday 3 June, his tour of France by visiting the villages of the Lot of Saint-Cirq-Lapopie and Martel in order, in his words, to ” to take the pulse “ from a worried France damaged by fifteen months of pandemic, the president signs the unofficial start of a campaign aimed at running for a second term.

If the person concerned defends himself from any electoral tactic, his entourage confirms it. This crossing of France of towns and countryside, which should last nearly two months for “Listen” and understand the expectations of the French, is “A campaign gesture”.

“Support the” positive attitude “”

“The president is always on the campaign to listen, act and explain. Is he on an election campaign? I do not believe that. Is he campaigning for our values, for France and for Europe? Yes. He never ceased to be ”, specified the President of the National Assembly, Richard Ferrand (La République en Marche, LRM), in an interview with Paris Match le 27 mai. “If we want to take the cycling metaphor of the Tour de France, we can speak of an escape from a candidate president”, supports Frédéric Dabi, Managing Director of the IFOP polling institute.

Thought like a “Secular pilgrimage”, this French tour, the outlines of which were outlined in the interview with Emmanuel Macron at the review Zadig of May 26, should allow the Head of State to capitalize on the ambient euphoria. At a time when the country is deconfining itself by gradually reconnecting with the “life before”, it is a question of “To accompany the positive attitude and not to lose contact ”, underlines a close friend of the president.

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But the former Rothschild banker who, at the dawn of 2017, thought to reconcile the population with globalization, addressing “senior executives” and the creators of “start-ups”, today takes a completely different direction which wants to be more humanist and less arrogant.

And it is not trivial that his journey, made up of ten stages that could take him from the northern districts of Marseille to the alleys of Amiens via Seine-Saint-Denis and perhaps Polynesia, begins by Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, a tiny medieval town sheltered from the disorders of modernity. A place where 7,000 square meters of paved streets have recently been traded for cobblestones. “There is a form of happy rurality there”, describes Emmanuel Macron in Zadig.

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