July 31, 2021

new controversy around RN candidate Julien Odoul

In Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, the campaign of Julien Odoul, candidate of the National Rally in the regional election, turns into a succession of controversies. Constantly, new mines are laid in his path by elected officials from his party, eager to settle the accounts of a mandate that ended in hatred on the extreme right.

After the callback, by The chained Duck, of the erotic video made in his youth, then the disclosure, Thursday, June 3, by Release, of a clandestine recording of questionable remarks on the suicides of breeders, it is a report sent, Friday, June 4, by three of the outgoing regional advisers of his group to the prosecutor of the Republic of Dijon. They accuse him, implicitly, of having fictitiously employed a collaborator, a former Miss Elegance Burgundy, aged 25, later a press correspondent in Saône-et-Loire.

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The signatories of the letter to the Dijon prosecutor’s office are surprised that she mentions, in a statement to Release, her presence in the offices of the region when they have never seen her there. They also point to a two-month lag between his date of hiring and his taking up his duties, as they claim to have observed. But she was charged by the president of the group for relations with the media and, from September 2020 to January, journalists who follow the political news of the regional council attest to having had regular contact with her by SMS, emails or telephone in a period of time. where teleworking was the order of the day.

“Is the rope French?” “

The most embarrassing offensive for Mr. Odoul relates to the jokes about the suicides of pastoralists, uttered during an internal meeting in 2019, while the protection of the rural world is at the heart of his project. The extract of the recording, about twenty seconds, is of poor quality which makes it partially inaudible. But it is sufficient to identify the voices of Mr. Odoul and Jacques Ricciardetti, vice-president of the group. It is about animal welfare, which should not make forget the welfare of the breeder, according to a speaker. After a confused hubbub, we hear Mr. Ricciardetti: “… Of the farmer hanging from the ridge of his shed. Should there be a trace? Did he pee on it? “ Then Mr. Odoul: “Is the rope French?” “ All this against a backdrop of laughter.

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The scandal was immediate and the condemnations unanimous. Mr. Odoul’s opponents did not deprive themselves of it. “Campaigning does not allow disrespect to everyone”, wrote on her Twitter account the PS president and candidate, Marie-Guite Dufay. “Laugh at the suicide of a farmer? ! All the limits of indecency are exceeded by the sinister Odoul ”, indignant Gilles Platret, of the Les Républicains (LR) party. “The National Rally in all its ignominy”, decided Denis Thuriot (The Republic on the move). “Their contempt and their cynicism have no place in our democracy”, ruled Bastien Faudot (Republican and Socialist Left). Stéphanie Modde, of Europe Ecology-Les Verts, said that she was “Not surprised” through “His contempt for the agricultural world”. From Paris, like others, the president of LR, Christian Jacob, added dryly: “What indignity. How can a politician fall into such baseness and make such abject remarks? “

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