July 31, 2021

six arrests in the entourage of one of the Bataclan suicide bombers

Six members of the family of one of the French terrorists from Bataclan and his wife were arrested on Tuesday, June 8, in the Bas-Rhin and Gironde, we learned from a judicial source, confirming information from the Latest News from Alsace (DNA). These six arrests come as part of a preliminary investigation by the National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office (PNAT) on the financing of terrorism. The suspects reportedly provided financial support to Foued Mohamed-Aggad and his Strasbourg wife, Hadjira, in 2014-2015, while the couple were in Syria.

Mr. Mohamed-Aggad had remained clandestinely in France in the summer of 2015 to become one of the three jihadist attackers who died in perpetrating the Bataclan massacre in Paris, during the November 13 attacks. Originally from Wissembourg (Bas-Rhin), he left for Syria in December 2013 with other members of the so-called “Strasbourg” sector, under the influence of recruiter Mourad Farès. Hadjira, a young woman from Strasbourg, had joined him in March 2014 and religiously married there.

“This procedure relates to suspicions of transfer of funds to Foued Mohamed-Aggad and his wife in 2014-2015” and those arrested “Belong to the family circle” of the couple, added the judicial source.

The mother of the suicide bomber arrested

“Five people were arrested in Strasbourg and in the region of Wissembourg, including the mother and an aunt of Foued Mohamed-Aggad”, said a police source. The sixth person was arrested in Gironde, according to a source close to the file. The operation was carried out by the RAID and the General Directorate of Internal Security (DGSI).

Since his departure for Syria, Foued Mohamed-Aggad had maintained regular contact with his mother and family, before announcing at the end of August 2015 that he was going “To die as a martyr” and cut the bridges, according to notes from the DGSI. “In his exchanges with his mother, he indicated that if he had to return to France, it would only be to commit an attack”, according to the investigation into the November 13 attacks.

As for Hadjira, “The young Franco-Algerian had given birth to a girl in Iraq” in August 2015 and “She would have died with her child at the beginning of 018 during a bombardment”, report The Latest News from Alsace.

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