August 1, 2021

the great sagging after the first injection

The Graal. In the gardens of the Palace of Versailles, a loving couple poses for a selfie, brandishing their vaccination certificates like trophies. As soon as stung, as soon as posted on Instagram. Sunglasses, masks down, they have just received their first injection of Pfizer in the ephemeral vaccinodrome installed at the end of May in the area. The promise of “To be able to go on vacation wherever you want”. It’s sunny, it’s hot, Diana-Eve and Shaen will go first ” to celebrate ” their first dose «On the terrace».

The terraces “Crowded”, Jean crossed them on his bike on his way to the vaccination center of Saint-Mandé (Val-de-Marne) to receive his first dose. Aged 33, this engineer got an appointment on the first day of the opening of vaccination to all adults. « Prudent », he hadn’t yet allowed himself to share a drink with colleagues after work. “I hope I can let go a bit now. “

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Among the testimonies collected by The world this diffuse fragrance of a great relaxation of barrier gestures floats near first-time vaccines.

Anne-Sophie, 49, talks about “A great relief”. A week after her injection, she had dinner at a restaurant with friends, before joining a party in her building with around 20 people. “Without really thinking, while I had been respecting barrier gestures for months, I kissed three people to say goodbye to them at the end of the evening.. No sign of the hand, a simple kiss, on the left cheek then the right ”, says Anne-Sophie, still flabbergasted by his gesture. “The instinctive urge to bind myself to others?” The need to find a normal life? “

The “kiss passport”

Françoise Knipiler is a general practitioner in Bourg-d’Oisan (Isère). The day after her first injection, she was “So relieved and happy” that she forgot to put on her gloves to perform an antigen test. Today she “Regularly omits his mask in shops”. And then with the girlfriends, “We kiss each other, we hug each other!” Finally ! “

“Health measures have a significant social cost. People are tired of no longer seeing each other, of not touching each other ”, Jocelyn Raude, teacher-researcher in social psychology

“This feeling of relief is accompanied by a relaxation of behaviors linked to vaccination, analyzes Jocelyn Raude, teacher-researcher in social psychology at the School of Advanced Studies in Public Health and author of a recent article on the determinants of preventive behavior in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. Health measures have a significant social cost. People are tired of not seeing each other, of not touching each other. “

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