August 4, 2021

the public prosecutors demand more resources for “this great national cause”

Prosecutors asked, Monday, June 7, for additional means to fight against domestic violence. “The fight against domestic violence is one of the major priorities of public prosecutors”, write in separate press releases the prosecutors of the public prosecutors of France. “It is imperative to provide the prosecution with additional resources dedicated to this great national cause”, they underline, recalling that “The public prosecutor’s office deals with thousands of urgent cases seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day, many of which have important consequences for the lives of the citizens concerned”.

“We need more resources to be able, for example, to verify that a measure prohibiting contact is respected and to be able to adapt quickly, for example to prescribe a bracelet if it is not. You have to have the means to be reactive… ”, said Eric Mathais, public prosecutor of Dijon (Côte-d’Or) and president of the National Conference of Public Prosecutors (CNPR), at the initiative of this movement.

The prosecutor of Versailles (Yvelines), Maryvonne Caillibotte, notes “A very substantial increase” since 2019 “The volume of proceedings in matters of domestic violence”. There is not necessarily more violence, but it is on the rise “Better, in particular thanks to the #metoo and #balancetonporc movements [qui] have freed the floor “, she says. Gold “The criminal procedure obeys rules, we need evidence, therefore investigators”, insists the magistrate. “The Serious Danger Telephone is not just a case, the anti-reconciliation bracelet, not just a bracelet: there is support and who says support says people. “

“If the echo given to recent feminicides seems focused on the fact that the judicial institution would bear the responsibility, the professionals confronted with these tragedies are well aware that, in any situation of violence or intra-family abuse, the lack of vigilance on warning signs is always collective and must question society as a whole ”, writes the prosecutor of the Republic of Draguignan (Var), Patrice Camberou.

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“Listening to their request”

The public prosecutor of Meaux (Seine-et-Marne), Laureline Peyrefitte, and her colleague from Bayonne (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), Jérôme Bourrier, use the same words in their press releases:

“We have received no less than ten criminal policy circulars in this area since the start of the year, all perfectly legitimate in their objectives but which are mainly based on the prosecution. To implement them (…), we need additional resources. “

Last week, the Keeper of the Seals, Eric Dupond-Moretti, met with the CNPR, recalled the minister’s entourage. “He is listening to their request for resources. “ The thousand anti-reconciliation bracelets available to the Chancellery “Are not intended to remain in the drawers”, had declared Mr. Dupond-Moretti after the feminicide of Mérignac, committed on May 4 by a man who was serving a sentence for domestic violence but had not been equipped with the device.

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Circulars were then sent to magistrates to push for the deployment of the device, available in France since the fall but which the courts were struggling to seize. The minister asked in particular that “All files” of persons convicted of domestic violence are taken back, in order to verify that “Background and personality” of these men did not make ” necessary “ the fitting of a bracelet.

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According to the collective Feminicides by companions or ex, 49 feminicides were identified in 2021. In 2020, the Ministry of the Interior had counted 90, against 146 the previous year.

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