August 3, 2021

the reform will hit poor departments and young people harder, according to a study by the PS

The Socialist Party (PS) continues its battle against the government’s social policy by making public, Tuesday, June 8, at a press conference in front of a Pôle Emploi agency in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis), a mapped study of consequences of the new measures taken by decree which will affect job seekers from the 1is July. A way of making palpable, department by department, a reform of unemployment insurance denounced as “Unfair”, on the eve of the regional elections of June 20 and 27.

“With the unions, it has been two years that we warn about the human consequences of this reform made with an ax. We wanted to make the resulting territorial realities tangible ”, explains Boris Vallaud, deputy of the Landes, who carried out the study with the national secretary for the great transitions of the PS, Maxime des Gayets. Echoing the unions’ appeal to the Council of State for “Breach of the principle of equality”, the Socialists believe that with this reform “Iniquitous” the conditions of access to unemployment rights will be dramatically tightened. With the extension of the working time to create rights and the modification of the calculation method of the compensation of the daily reference wage, “From now on it will be harder to get into the system and more difficult to stay there”, judge Boris Vallaud.

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Supporting cards, the PS demonstrated by relying on an impact note produced by Unédic in March, which showed that the new calculation methods would result in an average decrease of 17% in the sums paid. for 1.15 million job seekers. The simulation by department is particularly striking for the territories most affected by unemployment: Pas-de-Calais, Bouches-du-Rhône, Seine-Saint-Denis, Rhône, Haute-Garonne, Gironde or even Paris are in the highest range, with between 25,000 and 30,000 people penalized by the change in the calculation of benefits. However, the most seriously affected territory remains the North with more than 50,000 victims of the reform. “It is in the territories where the employment situation is already degraded that we really realize the human damage that is looming”, underlines Maxime des Gayets.

“An anti-youth measure”

Another indicator alarms the Socialists, that which concerns young people under 25 years old. Unédic anticipated a deterioration, estimating that 18-25 year olds will represent 30% of the unemployed hard hit by the reform. “It is an anti-youth measure which will be very violent, especially since the government refuses the extension of the RSA [aux 18-25 ans] », assures Boris Vallaud. Before adding: “To listen to young people, it is not enough to go and discuss with [les youtubeurs] McFly et Carlito [avec qui Emmanuel Macron a tourné une vidéo], it is better to worry about the repercussions of the political choices that are made. ”

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