August 4, 2021

An open investigation against the youtubeur Papacito after his video where he simulates the murder of a “leftist”

The youtubeur was amused by the outraged reactions to his last provocation on video. But this time, it is to justice that Ugo Gil Jimenez, alias Papacito, will have to respond. The Paris prosecutor’s office announced, Wednesday, June 9, to open an investigation against the videographer, heads of “public provocation not followed up on the commission of attacks on the life or integrity of persons”. On Saturday, this influential youtuber of the nationalist and virilist sphere, who has more than 100,000 subscribers, had published a video “Purely scientific” aiming to “Test whether leftism is bulletproof”.

In the company of another YouTuber of the same movement, Code Reinho, a former military specialist in firearms, Papacito, dressed in a military fatigues and a black beret, disguised a black-skinned mannequin in a panoply of “leftist”, with a t-shirt flocked to the term “dhimmi” (a term originally designating non-Muslims living in Islamic lands, taken up by the fascosphere to mock anyone guilty of “Compromise” towards Islam) and the slogan “I vote communist”.

“We are the new hype”

“There are 6% of people who vote for Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s party in this country, perhaps they will be destitute if something unforeseen happens in the coming years”, ironically the two sidekicks in the video. They then chain jokes around the “leftists”, before shooting the dummy. A sequence follows where the two men, sword and pistol in hand, give advice on obtaining firearms. “To make his arguments heard”. In the conclusion of the video, the hilarious Papacito is filmed stabbing the mannequin hard.

Screenshot of the speech posted online by the presidential candidate, Jean Luc Mélenchon, on June 7.

Viewed more than 100,000 times before its deletion by the YouTube platform, the video was denounced by the leader of La France insoumise, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who spoke “Call to murder”, but also by a large part of the political class, up to the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, who condemned it “Unreservedly and in the most firm manner”, Tuesday. So himself in full turmoil after his words qualified as “Plotters” predicting a “Serious incident or murder” in the last week of the 2022 presidential campaign, Jean-Luc Mélenchon announced his intention to file a complaint against the youtubeur.

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Supported by polemicist Eric Zemmour, Ugo Gil Jimenez also benefited from a long video interview on the site Current values, in which, always hilarious, he defended “A humorous video, certainly enormously provocative”, and explained that it aims to show “What happens to leftists in the event of a terrorist attack” and “The results of their policy”.

Originally from Toulouse, grandson of Spanish immigrants, former actor turned blogger, Papacito exalts medieval values ​​- he calls himself king of the Visigoths -, virility and tradition, which he opposes to misguided modernity. The YouTuber belongs to a small coterie of nationalist and virilist videographers – Raptor Dissident, Vadek – popular with a certain audience of young men. “The battle for the Internet, we are winning it, maybe the electoral battle, look at Zemmour (…), we are the new hype ”, he assures in his interview to Current values.

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