July 31, 2021

Republicans to poll 15,000 people to find their candidate

The Republicans (LR) party will interview a panel of 15,000 people to try to choose its candidate for the presidential election of 2022, who will be nominated “During November”, announced, Wednesday, June 9, the president of the right-wing party, Christian Jacob.

“We worked with Gérard Larcher [le président du Sénat] on the preparation of opinion surveys, on a panel of 15,000 people such as Cevipof [le Centre de recherches politiques de Sciences Po, qui mène des enquêtes d’opinion sur de très larges échantillons] », said Jacob at a press conference. The result of this investigation, of which “A first wave will be released around September 20 and a second in October”, will allow“Inform the process” candidate’s choice on “Incontestable scientific bases”, he argued.

In view of the results, “Either we have a candidate who crushes the match, or we will be on a selection process that we will prepare beforehand”, specified the president of the party.

The mayor of Antibes, Jean Leonetti, will be responsible for overseeing this process, in particular for “To have contact with each other”. The “Will prepare the work on the method, which will be proposed to the political bureau and the national council at the end of September at the latest”.

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Candidates still uncertain

What names will be submitted to this panel made up of people who “Recognize themselves in the values ​​of the right and the center” ? “A number of candidates have expressed a desire to be tested. This is the work we are going to do with Jean Leonetti and Pascal Perrineau ” of Cevipof, assured Mr. Jacob.

For the moment, only Xavier Bertrand (ex-LR) has formalized his candidacy for the presidential election, by refusing any idea of ​​primary. But others are preparing more or less openly, from Valérie Pécresse (ex-LR, Libres!) To Michel Barnier, via Laurent Wauquiez, while the party leadership is struggling to give up the François Baroin hypothesis.

For Mr. Jacob, “The objective is clearly to have a rally candidate”, car “It is not a question of playing placed or of heating against each other”. With this in mind, he underlined the “Reservations received from our activists” on the 2016 primaries.

Despite calls to speed up the process, LR’s timeline remains the same: to have a candidate carrying the values ​​of the right and the center “During November”. In the aftermath of regional, “We are going to start another period, which is that of the presidential election”, “The goal of the point of arrival” rest “November”, insisted the president of LR.

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