August 3, 2021

The man suspected of having slapped Emmanuel Macron will be tried Thursday in immediate appearance

The alleged perpetrator of the slap inflicted on the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron during a trip to Tain-l’Hermitage (Drôme) on Tuesday will be tried Thursday (June 10) in immediate appearance, the Valence prosecutor’s office said on Wednesday evening.

Aged 28, the suspect “Damien T. will be presented during the morning of tomorrow [jeudi] before the public prosecutor with a view to his presentation for immediate appearance in the afternoon ”, explained the public prosecutor of Valencia, Alex Perrin, in a press release.

Arrested with him, his comrade “Arthur C. will be issued a summons to court for the end of the second half of 2022 to answer for offenses related to illegally held weapons” found at his home, said the magistrate.

Their custody, decided for the heads of “Violence without incapacity on a person holding public authority”, has also been extended “In order to continue verifications”.

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“Traditional political convictions of the right or the ultra-right”

Residing in Saint-Vallier, north of Valence, the two men were arrested immediately after the incident. They are “Both unknown to the judicial and intelligence services” and are members of associations in their municipality “In connection with martial arts, the Middle Ages and the manga universe”, reported the prosecution of Valencia.

During his hearing, Damien T., “As a couple, without children, without profession”, he acknowledged “To have struck a blow to the Head of State and to have pronounced words denouncing the policy”. Close, according to him, to “The movement of” yellow vests “” and sharing “Traditional political convictions of the right or the ultra-right” without being “Of no party or expressed militancy”, he claimed to have “Acted on instinct and without thinking to express his dissatisfaction “, explained Mr. Perrin.

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The hearings of witnesses and the companion of Damien T. did not clarify “More motivations” of the young man, against whom premeditation – “At present” – is not retained. “The last checks and investigations are in progress”, nevertheless underlined the prosecutor.

As for Arthur C., “Single, without children, temporary worker, arrested alongside his friend after filming the attack on the Head of State, he was able to explain his presence on the scene without participating in the attack »From the President of the Republic.

At his home, “Old books on the art of war and My fight as well as a flag with a red background with yellow hammer and sickle and a flag of the Russian revolution ”, were found during a search.

This slap aroused the indignation of all political leaders. Emmanuel Macron for his part relativized the gesture, denouncing “Isolated facts” committed by “Ultraviolent individuals”.

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