August 3, 2021

five unusual accommodation ideas to sleep like a dormouse


Hanging tents, dry stone huts, Indian tipis… Nestled in these unusual accommodations, we risk never wanting to leave.

A bubble at the edge of a lake in Savoie

We dreamed of imitating Tom Sawyer, especially that of the cartoon broadcast in 1982 on Antenne 2. Forty years later, we can always fall back on a more cozy version by spending a night in the Wild Nest posed at 2384 meters above sea level. altitude, on the shores of Lake Chardonnet, which overlooks that of Tignes (Savoie).

This larch structure covered with an insulated and translucent tarpaulin over a third of its surface forms a bubble facing east and the entrance to Vanoise National Park. The most motivated will find fishing rods there to go and taste brown trout, fry in the small translucent lake, and a barbecue to grill it. The others will have the table set, wines chosen by the Bouvier house and desserts from the Chevallot house, two Savoyard stars. And don’t look askance at this wood stove. It is 4 ° C at night, even in summer.

Wild Nest, from 150 euros per night for two people, up to 450 euros with fishing, dinner, mountain guide and breakfast.

A hobbit house in the Vosges

To enter the Hobbit House, watch your head!  The door is only 1.40 meters high.

One day, Vincent Kern found a spring on his land near La Croix-aux-Mines (Vosges), at an altitude of 800 meters, located on the edge of a huge forest running up to the blue line of the Vosges . He created a pond.

The newly composed landscape reminded him of his drawings of yesteryear, at the Beaux-Arts, inspired by Tolkien’s universe. Five years and 2,500 hours of work later, his lodge, a meticulously reconstructed hobbit house, welcomes anyone wishing to escape to the Shire. “We had to clear big roots in the forest to rebuild the ceiling and we worked a lot on the ventilation to get 19.5 ° C, even when it’s 40 ° C outside, it’s a cocoon-burrow, a real delirium! “, explains this former editor.

Obviously, the round door is only 1.40 meters high. But once past this literally coherent obstacle, all types of humans can curl up in the burrow.

The Hobbit House, 270 euros per night, with meal and breakfast.

Heidi’s hut, but in the Hautes-Pyrénées

The Vie d'Estive sheepfold, 950 meters above the Serris valley, in the Hautes-Pyrénées.

It is the story of two childhood friends who roamed their mountains, skis in winter, ice ax in hand in summer. Bit by bit rocky needles, they took a few sheep one day. Their sheepfold, perched 950 meters above the Serris valley, a lost arm of the Campan valley (Hautes-Pyrénées), now has 200. “We cling to stay there when mountain agriculture disappears around us”, explains Cédric Lacraberi.

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