August 1, 2021

Viktor Orban holds anti-LGBT referendum in Hungary

“The Brussels bureaucrats threaten us”… It is in these terms that Viktor Orban, the Hungarian nationalist prime minister, announced, Wednesday, July 21, the organization of a referendum on his much contested law prohibiting “To show homosexuality and gender change” to minors. Adopted on June 15, this text, which equates homosexuality with pedophilia, has aroused strong criticism from the European Commission, which on July 15 began the first stage of a sanction procedure against Budapest.

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“Brussels asks us for amendments, because they do not agree with the fact that we do not want to allow what is already a habit in Western Europe. There, LGBT activists visit nurseries and schools to conduct sex education classes ”, denounced Mr. Orban in a brief video posted on Facebook.

The so-called “anti-pedophile” law adopted by Fidesz, the Prime Minister’s party, provides in particular to prohibit homosexual associations from intervening in all schools, but also to prevent the distribution, to minors, of all television, advertising or artistic content ” representing ” homosexuals.

A copy of the referendum on the reception of migrants

The European Commission considers that this text is contrary to “Equality and [au] respect for dignity and human rights which are fundamental values ​​of the European Union ”.

” Abuse of power “, replied Mr. Orban in his video, announcing that five questions would be asked of the Hungarians. In particular, voters will have to say whether they are in favor “Promoting sex reassignment treatments for children”, “teaching children about sexual orientation without parental consent” or to “Unrestricted exposure of children to media content of a sexual nature”. Unsurprisingly, the Prime Minister called for a vote no to all these questions for «Stops Brussels».

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He did not specify a date but the daily power, Hungarian Nation, mentioned “January or, at the latest, February [2022] ». Either just before the next legislative elections, scheduled for April 2022. The hero of the European far right did not hide that he was copying, with this referendum, the one he had organized in 2016 on the issue of hospitality migrants, at a time when the European Commission had opened a sanction procedure against Hungary’s refusal to welcome asylum seekers on its soil.

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