It’s Not Even Halloween Yet And Lego Is Selling Star Wars Advent Calendars With Baby Jesus Grogu

Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Marvel’s Avengers have brand new Lego advent calendars up for grabs right now.

Lego Star Wars Christmas

‘Tis the season to be scary, not jolly. We’re encroaching on Halloween, the month that we watch scary movies and put on silly costumes. Yet, as retailers often do, Lego is gearing up for Christmas a little early with its new Star Wars advent calendars featuring The Mandalorian and Grogu dressed up for the festive season.

Nonetheless, it’s the perfect advent calendar for avid Lego fans. You can order them right now to prepare for the 24-day build-up to Christmas. Forgo chocolates and be healthy with little bricks, unless you eat ’em – that isn’t healthy (or recommended).

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There are five different sets in total: Star Wars, Marvel’s Avengers, Harry Potter, City, and even Friends… sort of. They cost $20-$40 a pop and come with everything shown on the box bar the big set pieces in the background. They’re mostly comprised of minifigs, miniature models, and accessories. However, the Star Wars set includes Grogu and Mando in themed attire with the former in a sweater and the latter with a scarf.

Lego Avengers Advent Calendar

The Avengers set even nets you the Infinity Gaunlet and a terrifyingly shrunk-down Thanos. Aside from that, you get Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor in a scarf, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, and Nick Fury in a grey construction helmet for some reason.

It should be said, however, that Lego Friends isn’t based on the sitcom. It’s a bunch of chibi-looking minifigs with aptly themed accessories like a Christmas tree.

They’re going fast, so if you want to prepare for Christmas absurdly early, then make sure to pick one up while they’re still hot.

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