Jamie Foxx muta en Mike Tyson

Jamie Foxx You have an arduous task on your hands: transform your physique to become one of the boxers most legendary of all time, Mike Tyson, who holds the record for having become the youngest heavyweight champion in history at the age of 20. The actor has been shaping his body for some time and this week he has leaked an image on social networks where the work in the gym is beginning to be appreciated. With that photo, Foxx confirms that the project of bringing the life of the heavyweight icon to the big screen is already underway. And it is that six years ago that began to speculate on the possibility that the Oscar-winning interpreter would put himself in the shoes of Tyson in an autobiographical tape directed by Martin Scorsese.

I guarantee that people will find me on the street, ask for my autograph and think I’m Mike “

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The 52-year-old Texan actor has given details of how his transformation is going and what it means for him to get into the skin of one of the most controversial fighters both inside and outside the ring. “I do 60 sit-ups, 60 dips, and 100 push-ups every day. I have transformed the upper part of my body ”, he maintains. For the lower body, he confesses that Tyson has thicker legs than him – “I don’t have muscle in my calves” – so they will have to put prostheses on him to make them look alike.

The Hollywood star will play the boxer at the beginning and end of his brilliant career. At the moment, in addition to gaining muscles, he has also had to gain weight. You must weigh 98 kilos to play the Mike Tyson young and over 104 kilos to play veteran Mike Tyson. “Now technology gives you the possibility to interpret him throughout his life, because there was a question of what Mike Tyson we were going to do,” he says quietly.

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The protagonist of Django unchained has participated in an Instagram live, the one from Mark Birnbaum’s program Catching Up on Wednesday , where he has also explained in detail what the first scene will consist of, where the boy Tyson is mixed giving his first blows in the gym, with his last fight, making it clear that it will be a constant flashback and flashforward . He has no doubt what the outcome of his transformation will be like: “I guarantee that people will find me on the street, ask for my autograph and think I’m Mike.”

You must weigh 98 kilos to play the young fighter and be over 104 kilos to play it when you are older

“I think when we discover the story of Mike Tyson, everyone, young and old, will be able to understand his journey,” he explains. “Doing biographies is hard; sometimes it takes 20 years to do it ”, he confesses. He knows it well. In 2005 he already took on the role of singer Ray Charles in the biopic Ray , which earned him an Oscar for best actor. And it is inevitable not to remember Will Smith playing another boxer, Muhammad Ali, in the film. But . With that role, Smith got an Oscar nomination in 2002 and achieved a definitive leap in his career, but the film did not achieve the expected success and some media pointed out that the producers lost around 60 million dollars.

UNDATED: Mike Tyson stands during a fight in the ring. (Photo by Focus on Sport via Getty Images)

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The announcement of the start of the film, which could be titled Finding Mike , coincides with the imminent return of the real Tyson to the charity ring. The ex-man, who has lost more than 40 kilos, is preparing thoroughly and as a sign of his good physical condition, he has shared in his official profiles several sequences of his last training sessions in which he shows what level the boxer, who turns 54, is reaching. years next week. The forcefulness of his characteristic blows and the speed with which he dodges his sparring stand out. About his possible rivals, there have been many rumors but there is still no officially confirmed name.

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Jamie Foxx muta en Mike Tyson