Jennifer Aniston goes viral for an awkward interview

Promoting the new season of the hit Apple TV series, ‘The morning show’, was the excuse for the appearance of the two Hollywood stars on the BBC program ‘The one show’. But as soon as his appearance began through a video call, viewers highlighted the strange attitude of Jennifer Aniston Regarding the questions of one of the two hosts of the space, the former English footballer Jermaine Jenas.

On social media, fans were quick to cross out the conversation as “uncomfortable” and highlighted the different reactions of the protagonist of ‘Friends’, stating for example that the actress “does not like the presenter at all.”

Aniston and Witherspoon, during the interview. (BBC)

During the talk, Jenas began by asking Jennifer Aniston if i had been behind the scenes of a real tv show to be inspired by his own series, which chronicles the free fall of a morning news program in the wake of a scandal.

The actress seemed somewhat distracted as she replied that “I learned how slow it is. It is a very vampiric state of life and mind that they live. Everybody comes alive in the middle of the night and it’s like a train that moves very slowly“.

The viral interview with Jennifer Aniston. (BBC)

“I arrived at five in the morning and the hallways were quiet and people were waking up little by little and, suddenly, the train begins to move and it becomes more and more crazy. It’s total chaos“he added.

She was then interrupted by Jermaine, who proceeded to ask her partner Reese Witherspoon while alluding to the fact that the actress who played Rachel Green was not a morning person: “Reese, I have to be honest with you, I don’t think Jennifer likes getting up very early“.

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Aniston herself then cut him off saying: “Is that the impression I have given you?”, to which Jermaine replied, “A little, a little.” To advance the conversation, the host turned to Reese to ask the same question again, to which she replied, “I’m definitely a morning person. Jen and I talk about this all the time. I’m a morning person. and she’s more of a night person. So it actually works because I do the scenes very early and at four I’m already fried. Then Jen starts around eleven o’clock and then she can do the night scenes because I can’t think past four in the afternoon. ”

The protagonists of ‘The morning show’. (Apple TV)

Jennifer Anniston’s attitude in this interview is despicable. He keeps looking from side to side awkwardly, “commented another viewer on Twitter after the Q&A. Another added:” Jermaine is dying of laughter trying to interview Jennifer Aniston“.

Despite the negative comments on the networks, the interview passed without further notable incidents. The second season of ‘The morning show’ It will premiere on September 17 with the star signing of the protagonist of ‘The good wife’, Julianna Margulies.

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Jennifer Aniston goes viral for an awkward interview