Joaquin Phoenix looks transformed on the set of Disappointment Blvd., the new Ari Aster

Joaquin Phoenix looks transformed on the set of Disappointment Blvd., the new Ari Aster

Joaquin Phoenix is ​​a master when it comes to disappearing into a role using all of his talents, but it goes without saying that his body transformations have proven to be limitless. In your new project, Disappointment Blvd., has become someone new again. With a belly that would give other equally chameleonic actors some competition and gray hair with some baldness, he can be seen filming his new project on the streets of Montreal, Canada according to what he shared People.

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This week, the 46-year-old actor was photographed while filming scenes for Ari Aster’s new movie, of which very few details are known. The Oscar winner appears much older, with white hair, a little bald, and with some extra weight. Phoenix was confirmed last February and will be joined in the film by actors Nathan Lane, Patti LuPone, Kylie Rogers and Amy Ryan, who were announced in June. The production of A24 keeps the rest of the details secret, although it is known that the filming could end in October.

However, with what has been seen of Joaquin Phoenix, fans of the actor and the filmmaker, have been trying to guess what the new movie is about. The only description available about Disappointment Blvd., shared by official sources, mentions that the plot will focus on “an intimate portrait that spans decades about one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time.” The character played by Phoenix is ​​named Beau and will be the main one.

Photos posted by Daily Mail They capture the character of Phoenix on set during filming. He appears barefoot in the middle of Sainte-Catherine Street, wearing only a pair of baggy beige pants. He appears to have gained some weight for the role, showing his bare chest and leaving his gray hair tousled. As the cameras rolled, additional footage showed the actor crossing the street to speak to another actor on set.

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From his appearance, Phoenix appears to be playing an older man who is worried and distraught, with filming photos showing him in a scene where he is frantically crossing a highway, unaware of the dangers of oncoming traffic. He is also dressed inappropriately for the outdoors, suggesting that he may have gotten into some financial trouble or that he is careless. But this is only one of the many readings to which the photographs lend themselves.

As it is the next film from the director of The Devil’s Legacy (96%) and Midsommar: Terror Doesn’t Wait For The Night (98%), it is very possible that appearances are deceiving us and Disappointment Blvd. It is about something very different even if it stays within the description of the movie that was shared by A24. What intrigues us is whether Aster is going to distance himself from what he did in his other projects or if he will continue in the same terrifying line after all.

Just three years ago, the actor dropped 52 pounds to achieve the Joker physique that can be seen in Joker (91%). At the time, Joaquin Phoenix He had commented on how “wild” it is to transform for a role and said that waking up every day and being obsessed with his weight led him to develop a disorder. However, he also noted that what he anticipated the most were feelings of dissatisfaction, hunger, a certain kind of vulnerability and weakness, although he was surprised by the fluidity he felt physically. In the case of the Joker, all of that emerged as an important part of who the DC Comics character was in the adaptation. Your role in Disappointment Blvd. puts him on the other side of the scale, showing how willing he is to challenge himself to change his physique for a movie.

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Joaquin Phoenix looks transformed on the set of Disappointment Blvd., the new Ari Aster