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Joel Edgerton, during the filming of & # 039; The Gift & # 039 ;.

Turns out that Joel Edgerton (Blacktown, 1974) is not only the eclectic Australian actor who does the same of Ramses in Exodus: gods and kings or give the grade of quality in The Great Gatsby, The Darkest Night, Warrior, Trail of Crime, King Arthur O Black Mass. Edgerton, who became known thanks to Animal kingdom and Attack of the clones (when giving life to Uncle Owen, in his hands is Luke Skywalker), he handles very well in a chameleonic style close to that of Tom Hardy.

But he goes further: screenwriter, producer, last year he debuted as a feature film director with The gift, a thriller who plays the scheme “nothing is what it seems”, which has earned him good reviews, the award for the best performance in the Sitges competition – he kept to himself the antagonistic character of the leading couple, the man who destabilizes with his gifts the happy life of the rebuilding marriage. “I really like the murky environments of Stanley Kubrick,” he says over the phone with a wild Australian accent. He says it to explain the scent of The gift, premiered in Spain last Friday, and to clarify that the detail of a room number, 237, in his film, is indeed a nod to The glow. “It is one of my favorite movies. I am fascinated by the electricity that all the footage gives off. And how Kubrick controls an entire movie out of control. Another of my personal influences that I have drawn on in The gift it is The seed of the devil. What’s more, I have had a doctor named after the one in Polanski’s movie ”. Edgerton is attracted to thrillers of the seventies, when fear was joined by an underground reading of the society of the moment. “Now that only very few people know how to do, like Michael Haneke in Hidden, that this idea of ​​someone who watches from the outside has inspired me, Haneke’s flight from the classic schemes of the genre. Although for my first minutes I admit that it inspired me the most Harry, a friend who loves you ”.

Of course, Edgerton knows about movies. And in order not to get lost in the filming, he decided to shoot all the sequences of his character at once and leave for later the leading couple, played by Rebecca Hall and Jason Bateman (clever use of a comic for such a sinister character). Beside him he put his brother, Nash Edgerton, also a director, screenwriter, and stunt coordinator in numerous blockbusters. “He has been my shadow. He would stand next to the camera and raise or lower his thumb and that’s how I decided whether or not to repeat the shots. We understand cinema in the same way ”. He has been slow to debut as a feature director, longer than he would have liked. “I haven’t done it until I felt like I had the right material in hand. In the script and in the production, because I have seen many films sink in that step. As a filmmaker, I believe that the public should receive the best. In this case, that in my thriller all the pieces fit together so that it would not get lost in that game of ‘nothing is what it seems’. As an actor, I always look for the depths, the darkness even in the most heroic characters, because life is complex, and the cinema must reflect it ”.

What he has not done so far is shoot a movie just “to learn from the director.” Although he does add: “It is true that when I act, I absorb the filmmaker’s work.” And there his last professional love relationship, with Jeff Nichols, who with four films has become one of the greats authors Americans. “I have nothing but words of love for Nichols.” At the last Berlinale, Edgerton accompanied the presentation of Midnight special, a film that Nichols has been slow to deliver “because of the special effects, which lengthened post-production, but which cannot erase the intense drama experienced by a very Nichols father and son.” It’s taken so long that Edgerton has already starred in Nichols’ next one, Loving, that will be in Cannes, a racial drama based on real events that took place in 1958 in the United States. “My perfect plan would be to do a movie or two as an actor a year, and then direct another. Link a chain like that … and call me Nichols a lot. “

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Joel Edgerton, by profession star actor and director with a future | Culture