Joel Kinnaman from ‘the Suicide Squad’ is your new style icon

Joel Kinnaman and his style They have a lot to bring you, so pay attention. We are not talking precisely about a new actor or a subject that we have to introduce to you for the first time. It is clear that your participation in The Suicide Squad It has catapulted him with greater force than his previous projects, but we are sure you have seen it before. This actor of Swedish-American descent is known for his performances in series such as Altered Carbon, The Killing and the latest version we had of RoboCop. We should also mention that our hero began his career in Sweden with various roles in art films, until his worldwide fame exploded with the film Easy Money: a production that gave it enough visibility to reach commercial screens in the United States.

Already with a certain consolidated name, it was that he arrived at the saga of antiheroes The Suicide Squad. A story that has to date two episodes in cinema and where Joel Kinnaman plays Rick Flag; a member of the military, recruited by Amanda Waller to lead the infamous team that gives this comic book-inspired movie its name.

Now, that you have it well in your sights, you will remember that this is one of those men who motivate us to exercise and achieve a physique of ten. But make no mistake. His worked figure is not only due to the Brazilian jiu jitsu that he has said several times that he loves to practice; your style and that he knows perfectly with what to highlight his whole personality.


Basics that should already be in your wardrobe.

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To get started, Joel Kinnaman have a style smart casual to perfection. Remember that this is the perfect balance between formal and casual slopes to be able to move from one terrain to another without so many changes. A look that helps you be the laid-back, but well-dressed type. Take note of these jeans with sweater and coat checked.

A classic

Is anyone else thinking about 70s fashion?

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With a certain vintage air, this is a look that will always make you look extremely neat, but cool. Dress pants (plaid is ideal), formal shoes, polo shirt and suede bomber jacket.

Winning match

Sobriety with nuances of fun and creativity.

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Joel Kinnaman has shown that pictures are essential to your style. aim this blazer preppy with dress pants, basic polo shirt in black and casual shoes with rubber soles. A detail that lightens the whole look.

Perfect for a night out

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Leather bomber jacket, basic t-shirt, dress pants and black tennis shoes. Notice how all his clothes belong to the same color range, except the jacket; which becomes an accent of simple sophistication by not having applications or logos. Also consider that black tennis shoes combine practically with any look.

It’s all about textures and graphics

We just need to pay a little more attention to detail in garments that we already know.

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A look very similar to the previous one, but that changes radically thanks to two details: the jacket has a floral print that goes a bit out of the ordinary in our wardrobes, and the tee it is velvet. What can add strength and attractiveness out of the ordinary.

Simple and successful

The hairstyle also has a lot to do with this look.

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The strength of a polo shirt with tailored pants and tennis shoes is like nothing. The poles have that something that makes us look more attractive. There is some Mad Men in it, but without looking old-fashioned. In addition, this combination avoids complications; And that is precisely what makes us look like fresh out of the shower, ready to conquer the world.

New Businessman

A look that can do everything.

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Finally, the maximum degree of style casual that we have seen in Joel Kinnaman is this look. One that you must emulate exactly. Black dress pants, brown shoes and belt – yes, you read that correctly – white shirt, graphic tie, and caramel leather bomber jacket. A total hit for your office and business days (not requiring a full suit, of course).

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Joel Kinnaman from ‘the Suicide Squad’ is your new style icon