Johnny Depp reveals his most regretful career performance

Today to speak of Johnny Depp is to speak of one of the most important stars in Hollywood, even despite the scandal he has faced in recent years after his divorce from Amber Heard that has brought several lawsuits from both parties from the violence. intrafamiliar until defamation. Although it seems that his career is taking a nosedive, his fans remain loyal, and many of his classics are still appreciated by several.

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It is true that until today the character that has had the most impact throughout his career is Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl – 79% up to Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge – 30%. In addition, his path in the industry with his close friend Tim Burton has marked a turning point in modern fantasy cinema with films such as The Young Scissorhands – 91%, Alice in Wonderland – 52%, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – 83%, The Corpse of the Bride – 83% and many others.

But when Johhny moved to Los Angeles, he was looking to shine as a rock star, which is still a priority in his life despite his career as an actor, proof of this is The Hollywood Vampires, a rock band that he leads with the iconic Alice Cooper. However, it was never an easy road, and when Nicolas Cage discovered it, he invited him to try his luck in the movies, which would lead to his first role in A Nightmare on Hell Street – 94% in 1984.

But there is one project in particular that he regrets having been a part of, and among so many that he has in his repertoire, he chose the one that catapulted him as a teenage star of the 80s; and it’s about the tv series 21 Jump Street, which had five seasons where he played a young undercover cop who took cases related to high schools, where he managed to go unnoticed due to his age and charisma.

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Through Collider, the actor assured that in that series he “felt trapped in a creative prison.” It is well known that Depp has always managed to collaborate in the creation of the projects in which he participates at least since the development of his characters, but at that time he did not have that power yet. The series was a success at that time, and many still remember it to this day, but Johnny only remembers it as the show for which he cast sick with the flu and despite that he kept the role, at a time when he was financially bankrupt.

In the words of the actor, many times he tried to boycott the series in some way in some episodes or advances so that they would end his contract early, but he never succeeded and was able to leave until after the fourth season. It may be his least appreciated role, but the truth is that he has shown some respect for what he meant at the time, and this was demonstrated when he reprized his role as Tommy Hanson in a cameo for the film adaptation Special Command – 85% starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill in 2012.

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His special appearance happens in the middle of a shootout where the protagonists face the bad guys and one of them turns out to be Tommy in disguise, who changes sides by revealing his identity and after distracting himself explaining the importance of the details of his costume a bullet it pierces his neck. Without a doubt, this character will continue to be fondly remembered by those who grew up with the series, although not so much by Depp, but if it had not been for 21 Jump Street Would he have gotten to where he is now?


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Johnny Depp reveals his most regretful career performance