“Kamala Harris is the object of denigration by the American conservative media”

Chronic. For an hour and twenty-five minutes, Kamala Harris was the first woman to hold the presidency of the United States on Friday, November 19. Once again, the former California senator, first woman and ” woman of color “, to use the American expression, to occupy the vice-presidency, made history: this time thanks to a brief general anesthesia of President Joe Biden, subjected to a colonoscopy at the Walter Reed hospital – mercilessly scheduled at the eve of his birthday (the 79e).

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Everything went well. The republic survived this brief hiatus in the centuries-old reign of “Old white males”, according to feminist comments on social media. The tributes cannot, however, hide the avalanche of criticism leveled at the former California prosecutor since her arrival in Washington. She, who had only visited the White House twice before occupying the post of presidential understudy, did not benefit from the slightest state of grace. Not even the kind indifference that is reserved for vice-presidents – until they embark on the race for succession during the possible second term.

Find out why (although some intersectional feminists have suspicions) Kamala Harris is watched and criticized in every move, gesture and move. Or non-trips, as regards the one it was slow to make, according to its detractors, at the Mexican border. Joe Biden had also inherited an anti-immigration mission from his “boss”, Barack Obama, when he was vice president, but no one remembers that he was held responsible for the prosecution of the influx of young migrants to the border.

Grinding machine

Feminists are multiplying examples of double standards. During their first term, no one paid much attention to the tensions between Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Regarding Mme Harris, rumors of friction with Mr. Biden’s advisers are already circulating. Usually, no one draws conclusions about the popularity rating of the vice president, lower than that of the president anyway. That of Mme Harris, two points lower than Mr. Biden, is making the headlines. In short, the crushing machine and the spiral of denigration of the conservative media – which always ends up dragging others down – are on.

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On her return from France, Kamala Harris was the subject of horrified comments on Fox News talk shows. During her visit to the Pasteur Institute on November 9, she underlined the importance of scientific rigor in public health decisions, the preeminence of methodology and plan. « The plan », she repeated, insisting on the “The”, pronounced “Thee” (“zi”). Following a reasoning which remains a mystery for many, the right saw in this very strong defined article an attempt to imitate the lisping accent of the French when they say “the”. Suffice to say a « gaffe ” having ” damaged America’s standing on the international stage », a hazarded former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

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“Kamala Harris is the object of denigration by the American conservative media”

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