Karl Urban as Wolverine? This Fanart shows it amazing

Although Karl Urban has been on our screens for more than two decades, it seems that its time has finally come with The Boys, the acclaimed series that shows us a not so kind side of superheroes. Perfectly interpreting Billy Butcher, the sadistic and violent leader of the group, the man serves as an ideal anti-hero, confronting the misconception of Homelander’s traditional heroism, and shows a much more human and real side of these types of characters.

In fact, it is inevitable that in some way Billy Butcher remind us of Wolverine, who does not have a traditional idea of ​​heroism under the X-Men and he is much more brutal and violent than his peers (at least in his solo stories). And, considering that the world is currently looking for a new Wolverine, Karl Urban He has become the favorite to play the ultimate anti-hero when he reappears in Marvel (although it could actually be very difficult for him to appear, at least as we imagine).

¿Karl Urban como Wolverine?

Fans began to get excited at the idea of Karl Urban, style icon, like Wolverine after a Fanart made by Mizurii, which mixes an image of Billy Butcher with some traditional elements of Wolverine, like the cigar and its classic claws. Although the art falls short compared to other fanarts that usually come out of proposals for future heroes, without a doubt the idea is not very bad, and the actor has everything to be able to play a Wolverine dark, tough and driven by revenge.

Of course, with his long career and his quality as an actor he could certainly be quite interesting and an excellent option, but a major reason could prevent us from getting to see him on screen: Disney.

First, Disney has stated that they will be looking for a Wolverine younger, which sounds logical, especially if they want to take advantage of a single actor for a long time, as happened with Hugh Jackman who practically spent almost 20 years playing the character.

Jackman, for his part, was approximately 32 years old when he first entered the skin of Wolverine on the tape X-Men by Bryan Singer. Nevertheless, Karl Urban He is currently 48 years old, and considering that at the moment no tapes of X-Men, I would be over 50 by the time it is time to interpret it. However, with his muscle routine, he certainly looks pretty good.

Although he has shown great energy on screen, Disney you will want to have a much younger bet (although it could certainly appear as a Wolverine alternative, considering that we will see many Universes soon).

In addition to this, Urban has another brake inside the Marvel Universe. The actor has already played a character from Marvel on the tape Thor: Ragnarok, Skurge, a soldier from Asgard who becomes a henchman of the villain Whole to later redeem himself.

However, as many point out, in that film the actor did not have an important performance and in fact had very little dialogue, which could make him take another role in the future (as has happened with other actors), but it could not be Wolverine .

Who will be Wolverine?

At the moment there is no clear information that really tells us who will take the role of Wolverine in future tapes of Marvel. Henry Cavill It is one of the most mentioned names, but having several popular culture characters in your hands, it does not seem like an excellent bet. Other rumors pointed to Zac Efron, but is more likely to play another character closer to the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The truth is that Wolverine comes from the hand of an actor not so well known, we just have to wait.

On the other hand, fans may be faced with a Wolverine very different from what they are used to. Disney does not seem to be focused on violent tapes, leaving aside Deadpool, so if we see the character it may be a lighter version than that of Hugh Jackman, although it is too early to draw conclusions.

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Karl Urban as Wolverine? This Fanart shows it amazing