August 1, 2021

SNCF simplifies its price range with a single Advantage card and capped prices

The National Company of French Railways (SNCF) unveiled, Tuesday 1is June, a simplification of its price range on high speed trains (TGV) and Intercités. The Chairman and CEO of SNCF, Jean-Pierre Farandou, wants in particular “Take off the plaster that was installed from the expensive TGV” and opaque pricing, he noted, alluding to Captain Haddock in The Adventures of Tintin. “The TGV must be accessible, readable, simple”, he stressed.

Among the seven measures presented, the merger from Tuesday of Advantage cards (family, senior, young and weekend), which offer 30% reduction. The new single card, valid for one year and the price of which remains fixed at 49 euros, will also offer a 60% reduction for three children and guarantee a capped price for all destinations, even at the last moment – subject to availability.

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Reduction included, the ticket will therefore cost in second class no more than 39 euros for journeys of less than an hour and a half (around 25% of journeys), no more than 59 euros for journeys between an hour and a half and three. hours (50%), and no more than 79 euros for longer journeys (25%). And 19, 29 and 39 euros respectively for children. Adults aged 28-59 will not be able to enjoy it on weekdays unless they have children with them or take a return after the weekend. Customers will also see, for each destination, what are the minimum and maximum prices charged by the company.

Exchange or refund up to three days before departure

“Our goal is simple, that all French people buy this card”, underlined Alain Krakovitch, director of Voyages SNCF, the branch of the group specializing in main lines.

SNCF also promises for June 17 a simplification of its grid with the end of “Slightly exotic prices”, with particular reference to first-class tickets which are sometimes cheaper than second-class tickets.

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The possibility of exchanging or getting reimbursed for tickets free of charge up to three days before departure is permanent. For the start of the school year, SNCF is announcing an annual subscription reserved for teleworking, for people who only travel two or three times a week. It will also simplify its “Frequent Flyer” loyalty program.

Finally, at the beginning of 2022, the company will unveil a formula allowing seniors to travel without limitation by TGV from Monday to Friday for 79 euros per month, like the TGV Max for 16-27 year olds.

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